Types of Tourism in Cyprus


has both rocky and sandy beaches. The best of them are located in the east of the island. All beaches are municipal, that is, everyone can visit them. Beach equipment is paid (1 – 2 Cypriot pounds). In some hotels, equipment is provided free of charge, but this is rather an exception. The most popular resorts in Cyprus are Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia Napa and Protaras. Limassol This city is located on the southern coast of Cyprus, an hour’s drive from it are Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia¬†and the Troodos mountains. This city is considered the most fun place. Both young people and couples rest here. Like rest and respectable people. The beaches here are either sandy or pebbly; The wild beach Ladies Mile is considered the best. In the immediate vicinity of Limassol are the oldest cities of Cyprus, Amathus and Kourion, which were city-states in ancient times. Also here is the famous citadel, erected at the beginning of the 14th century on the ruins of a Byzantine castle, in the chapel of which the marriage between Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria, who later became Queen of England, was concluded. Now the Cypriot Museum of the Middle Ages is located in the citadel. The church of Ayia Napa is also well known, the relic of which is the veil of St. Veronica, which she handed to Christ on the way to the crucifixion.¬†Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Cyprus.


The city is located in the southeastern part of the island. Presumably its name comes from the Greek word “larnax”, which means a coffin. It is here that the sarcophagus of St. Lazarus is located, standing in the church of St. Lazarus. This church is famous for its baroque wooden iconostasis and Corinthian capitals at the base of the arched vault. In the vicinity of Larnaca, it is worth seeing the ruins of the ancient city of Kition, the village of Lefkara, famous for its lace, Kornos, where the secrets of pottery are preserved, as well as admire the pink flamingos, which in winter are on the Salt Lake. The beaches in the city are covered with small gray pebbles mixed with sand; the most famous is Mackenzie

Paphos Beach.

The resort area of Paphos separated from the city. The beaches are sandy and pebbly, the best sandy beach is in Coral Bay. On the shores of the secluded bay of Lara lies one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and a green turtle reserve. This city combines rich culture, picturesque nature and wonderful climate. Paphos was founded in 320 BC. e. All cultural monuments of this city (Tombs of the Kings, Solomon’s catacombs, mosaics of the house of Dionysus, the column of the Apostle Paul, etc.) are included in the list of world cultural values of UNESCO. Not far from Paphos there is a place where, according to legend, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite came ashore from the sea foam).

Ayia Napa

This is the most youth resort. Nightlife, water park and a wide range of water sports attract a large number of young people here. Even in this place there are the best beaches on the whole island with fine golden sand. The most famous beach – Nissi Beach – has a length of about 2 km.

In the heart of this city is a 16th century Venetian monastery surrounded by restaurants and taverns. Worth visiting are the villages of Paralimni, famous for its pottery, and Liopetri, famous for its basket weavers, located near Ayia Napa. Here you can buy wonderful souvenirs. The city has a dolphinarium and a folk museum.


This resort is located in the southeast of the island. It will delight its visitors with wild nature, peace and tranquility. This is the perfect place for a family holiday. There are many small coves in Protoras with golden sandy beaches and clear water. The resort has a wide range of water sports. With a tour you can visit the village of Paralimni (an example of a typical Cypriot way of life), the “ghost town” of Famagusta, Cape Greco with sea caves, the church of St. Elias.


Throughout its history, Cyprus repeatedly subjected to conquest and destruction. Many monuments of ancient times have suffered, but those that have survived will please the eye of any connoisseur of history and a simple tourist. Several monuments are included in the list of world cultural values of UNESCO. The island is closely connected with ancient Greek mythology, which left its monuments here.


Troodos mountains in the south of the island. The snow height reaches 140 cm. The main peak is Olympus (1951 m), the lifts are called Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite and Hermes. Snow time is from January to March.

Types of Tourism in Cyprus

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