Types of Tourism in Czech Republic


Vacationers in the Czech Republic are offered about 130 historical complexes, each of which is unique in its own way. Some sites, such as Cesky Krumlov, Telch, Kromnerzhizh, Litomysl and others, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to the saturation of the excursion program, the Czech Republic is among the ten most visited countries in the world.

Therapeutic recreation.

The Czech Republic was glorified by healing mineral waters. A good level of service and relatively low prices have made available such medical resorts as Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne, Jachymov.

Karlovy Vary.

The largest and most famous Czech spa. Located in Western Bohemia, 130 km from Prague and 60 km from the border with Germany in the valley of the river Tepla. It has its own airport. In Karlovy Vary, 13 healing springs with a temperature of 42 to 72 degrees, similar in chemical composition, are used for treatment. The treatment includes a unique combination of drinking cures, baths, applications and other treatments. It is recommended to take a course of 7 to 28 days. The resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, liver, pancreas, dysfunction of the endocrine glands, obesity, diseases of the joints and spine. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Czech Republic.

Marianske Lazne.

Located 48 km southwest of Karlovy Vary. This is the second largest medical resort in the country. It is full of greenery, the whole city looks like a huge park. For treatment, cold waters (with a temperature of +7..+10 degrees) of shallow occurrence, with an average and high degree of mineralization and a relatively high iron content, are used. In the vicinity of the city – up to 100 sources. These waters are used for drinking, inhalation and baths. They also use deposits of therapeutic mud and a powerful source of natural carbon dioxide. The resort specializes in diseases of the kidneys, urinary system, respiratory system, disorders of the locomotor system, metabolism, thyroid disease, diseases of the nervous system, obesity. It is best to take a course lasting 21-28 days.

Frantiskovy Lazne.

180 km from Prague there is a resort with sources of acidic (due to the high content of carbon dioxide) mineral water. There are 24 springs in the city. In addition, sulfur-iron mud and a source of dry carbon dioxide (for gas baths) are used in the treatment. Drinking courses, physiotherapy, carbonic acid baths, gaseous carbonic wrappings, gas injections, mud baths, mud applications are provided to choose from. The resort specializes in diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive organs, kidneys, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, infertility.


The resort is located 150 km from Prague and 17 km from Karlovy Vary. This is the first radon resort in the world. Natural radon is indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Radon baths are the main remedy of this resort. The waters come to the surface with a temperature of +32..+37 degrees. This allows for the prevention of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure and circulatory disorders. But the main specialization of the resort is diseases of the musculoskeletal system, inflammatory diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, metabolic disorders, diseases of the joints. In addition to radon baths, such methods of treatment as acupressure, gerontotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, whirlpool baths, drinking course, electrotherapy, classical and reflex massages, therapeutic exercises are used.

Rest on the lakes has proven itself well. Although this type of recreation is not common in the Czech Republic.

Makhovo Lake gives you the opportunity to relax on its sandy beaches and swim from May to September. The water temperature at this time of the year does not fall below +24 degrees. This is a relatively cheap option, but with a fairly good level of service. The lake is located 70 km from Prague. In the vicinity there are many hotels, campsites, health camps for children. Tourists will find a lot of entertainment here. These are catamarans, cycling, a zoo, bars and cafes, discos – all this is open to visitors.


In recent years ski resorts have become increasingly popular in the Czech Republic, which are quite numerous, are famous for their very constant weather conditions and are considered relatively cheap, although the facilities are not yet up to Western European standards.

The most famous ski resorts in the Czech Republic are the Krkonoše resort. It is located in the highest mountains of the Czech Republic – the Krkonoš (maximum height 1602 m).

The Krkonose resort includes several towns, the largest of which is Spindlerov Mlyn. It is located at an altitude of 715-1300 m. There are 16 ski slopes, 3 cable cars, 7 lifts. The length of the tracks is from 250 to 3700 meters. One track has night lighting, there is an opportunity to practice almost any winter sport, restaurants, bars, discos and much more. Season from December to April.

Another, no less famous city is Harrachov. It is located in the western part of the mountains, on the border with Poland, in the Mumlava river valley. From the south, the city borders on the steep slope of the Devil’s Mountain with a height of 1,020 meters, from the north – on the slopes of the Silesian Range.

Despite the fact that Harrachov is a small ski resort, it will delight both beginners and experienced skiers. Good conditions for family holidays. The skiing season is from December to April. The ski area is 650-1020 m, the height difference is 370 m, the number of lifts is 15. The total length of the slopes is 10 km, the number of slopes is 8, of which 6 are for beginners and 1 is difficult. There are illuminated trails.

Five ski jumps have been built on the slopes of the Devil’s Mountain, one of which is one of the six highest ski jumps in the world. There are five ski schools, ski and snowboard equipment rentals.

Types of Tourism in Czech Republic

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