Types of Tourism in Finland

Ecological tourism.

Finland is distinguished by the purest nature. There are 30 national parks in a relatively small space. Equipped and well-marked routes to ecologically clean places are offered to tourists of all ages.

You can walk along the ebullient river rapids or swim on large rafts along large rivers, paddle a canoe alone. You can also admire the blue lakes while cycling. The lakes and rivers of Finland are full of various types of fish, so fishing enthusiasts will find great pleasure here.


Finland is the land of winter sports. The long northern winter allows these sports to be practiced from mid-October to the end of May. For all ski centers Finland is characterized by high requirements for skiing safety, a variety of services, and great opportunities for entertainment designed for the whole family. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Finland.

There are about 140 winter resorts in the country. Himos, Takho, Laavuori, Vuokatti and Ruka are the most popular among St. Petersburg residents and can be reached during the day by car. Residents of Moscow prefer Vuokatti, Ruka, Levi and Ylläs, which can be reached by plane via Helsinki. Levi is rightfully considered the best ski resort in the country. It is located in the highest mountains of Finland – Suomi. Levy good for beginners. In fact, Suomi is not mountains, but hills, so they are also suitable for beginners. Many slopes and lifts cover the slopes and make skiing varied. All winter resorts in Finland have professionally prepared pistes. The Finns do not recognize spontaneous trails – they are all of excellent quality and well equipped, and since the winter day in Finland is short, most of them are illuminated.

One of the characteristic features of all winter resorts in Finland – the presence of schools with well-trained instructors who help beginners master the techniques of descent in the chosen sport. In recent years, along with classic alpine skiing, snowboarding has become more and more popular, tracks for which have already been built by all “self-respecting” Finnish resorts. More and more fans are also gaining freestyle – ski acrobatics. Of course, you can rent any necessary equipment at all ski resorts, and buy it in numerous nearby shops. The cost of ski equipment rental is 15-25 euros per day, snowboard rental is 20-30 euros per day.

The second, even more striking feature of the winter holidays in Finland is the amusement parks in the immediate vicinity of the skiing areas. The best water parks can be found in the ski resorts of Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Kuusamo, Levi, Saariselkä, Vuokatti, in Central Finland and North Karelia There, skiers throw themselves into the warm water of the pools, ride water slides, take a steam bath in the sauna – and again rush to the snowy slopes.

Christmas holidays spent in the homeland of Santa Claus in fabulous Lapland will be unforgettable for the whole family. Rovaniemi is the capital of this region. Here is the village of Santa Claus. Both children and adults will be happy to find themselves in a New Year’s fairy tale.


The main attractions of the country are associated with the unusually beautiful nature of the region. In addition, there are more than 300 museums in the country, the main of which are: the National Museum Finland, the Municipal Museum, the Mannerheim Museum, the Ateneum Sports and Art Museum in Helsinki, the Art Museum in Turku, the Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art, the Satankunna Archaeological Museum in Pori, the Folklore Museum in Lahti.

Among the architectural monuments: the Senate building, the Lutheran Cathedral and the Dormition Cathedral in Helsinki, the 1907 Cathedral in Tampere.

There are also some attractions on the islands of the Baltic Sea: the zoo on the island of Korkeasaari; sea fortress Suomenlinna (1748).

Not far from Helsinki is the Seurasaari Leisure Park and the Museum of Wooden Architecture.

Therapeutic recreation.

For those who want to relax and improve their health, it is recommended to visit the resort of Nantali. This is a seaside climatic resort located northwest of the city of Turku, on the shores of the Nunna Bay of the Baltic Sea. There are many islands here, a mild climate (in summer, the daily air temperature is about +20…+22 degrees), a shallow, well-warmed sea, favorable for thalassotherapy. The resort is recommended for people with respiratory diseases, functional disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Types of Tourism in Finland

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