Types of Tourism in Israel


Beach holidays in Israel are represented by three zones – the areas of the Mediterranean, Dead and Red Seas.

There are many resorts on the Mediterranean coast. The resort city of Tel Aviv is known for its sandy beaches and developed infrastructure. To the south of it are such resorts as Bat Yam, Ashdod and Ashkelon, to the north – the fashionable resort of Herzliya with luxurious hotels and a huge parking lot for yachts and the new resort city of Netanya.

In the south of the country, on the Red Sea coast, the most popular resort is Eilat. The water here is warm all year round, and numerous hotels are located close to the sea. In the Eilat area you can go windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing.

There are more than ten beaches on the Dead Sea, most of which are public. They are mainly concentrated in the area of Ein Bokek and Hamei Zohar.

On all beaches there are always colored flags that indicate the degree of danger of swimming: white – safe, red – dangerous, black – swimming is prohibited.┬áCheck top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Israel.


Eilat Gulf in southern Israel known for being the northernmost coral reefs of Eurasia. The underwater world of this part of the Red Sea is very colorful, and the variety of fish species is simply amazing. During the dives, you can watch dolphins, visit the “Japanese Gardens” (80-meter sheer coral wall), explore underwater caves, and visit two warships that sank off the coast.


The Dead Sea coast is located 395 m below the level of the oceans, this is the lowest place on the entire planet. It got its name due to the fact that in its waters with a 30% concentration of salts and minerals there are practically no living organisms. Medical and health resorts in this area have been known since ancient times. Waters filled with salts and minerals, deposits of therapeutic peloid mud and the climatic features of the region help people get rid of asthma, dermatological, rheumatological diseases, as well as conduct a general improvement of the body. The climatic features of the Dead Sea are that the hot desert climate provides intensive evaporation, creating a high concentration of oxygen and bromine in the seaside air, which is what helps in the treatment of asthma.


From Eilat, jeep trips through the vast Negev desert are constantly arranged. The route passes along the old trade caravan route. You can visit the Bedouin settlements, Mount Solom in the Dead Sea region, which consists entirely of salt, as well as explore the numerous local caves.


Israel is a country where the shrines of three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam are collected. It is unlikely that in any other country you can find so many historical sites. Therefore, the excursion program in Israel is very diverse and extensive.

in Israel 65 National parks and 160 nature reserves have been created. The largest National Park – Carmel in the vicinity of Haifa. The Neot Kedumim Wildlife Sanctuary, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, showcases the plant and animal wealth of ancient Israel to visitors, as well as a biblical period rural homestead, with farm buildings, an irrigation system, traditional crops and tillage practices. In Neot-Kedumim, hundreds of types of grain and fruit crops are collected, and domestic animals kept in the then peasant farms are presented. Near Eilat there is a reserve of biblical wild animals “Khaibar”. Animals that are on the verge of extinction are bred here. There are a lot of botanical gardens in the country, which complement the network of organizations and institutions involved in environmental issues. Two botanical gardens have been established in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv University has both botanical and zoological gardens established for the purpose of scientific research.

Types of Tourism in Israel

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