Types of Tourism in Macao, China


Macau’s mainland can be explored in one day. Its main attractions are the facade of St. Paul’s Cathedral with a staircase in front of it, the gardens of the Portuguese poet Camões, the theater of Don Pedro V, Chinese temples, the Fortaleza do Monte fortress, Colina da Guia mountain, numerous casinos and gambling houses. Also worth visiting are the islands of Coloane and Taipa.


Macau is a duty-free port, which means low prices for imported goods. Fashionable boutiques coexist with gaudy malls offering a wide variety of cheap goods. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Macau.


Two famous beaches are located on Coloane Island: Hac Sa and Cheoc Van. The sand on Hak Sa is black but very clean. The beach area includes a hotel, a complex of cottages, walking paths, restaurants with Chinese and local Portuguese-Chinese cuisine. Both beaches are famous among windsurfers.

What to See in Macau (Maomen), China

Macau is the center of the gambling industry. The district’s capital, the city of Macau , is known for its casinos, nightclubs, race track, gambling houses, which attract large numbers of tourists and Chinese from Hong Kong, where casinos are banned. Because of the abundance of casinos and gambling houses, it is also called the “Monte Carlo” of the East. Macau ‘s focus on tourism and services has led to the creation of a first-class network of hotels and restaurants with a high level of service. There are many Catholic churches in the capital, which are adjacent to Chinese temples. Of great interest among the guests of the city is the theater of Don Pedro V and the gardens of the Portuguese poet Camões.

Coloane Island served as a haven for pirates. Today it is visited mainly by lovers of golf, hiking and beach holidays. The spirit of old Macau can be felt here in the narrow streets lined with shops, temples and dilapidated sheds. In the chapel of St. Francis, built in 1928, the remains of the martyrs are kept. In front of the chapel is a Portuguese-style square with many cafes. In the west of the island, on a hill, is the Seac Pai Van Park, which has equipped picnic areas, a playground, a small zoo, an aviary, a garden of medicinal plants and a Museum of Nature and Agriculture. A hiking trail starts from the park and leads to the statue of the goddess A-Ma. Taipa Island, Gateway to Macau, was a mooring place for ships of Indian merchants who traded with China. The largest and still growing temple is Pou Tai Un. It is located near the bridge connecting Taipu with the peninsula. New buildings with yellow tiled roofs and carved cornices are paired with old prayer halls, statue gardens and classical pavilions. In the main settlement of the island, the village of Taipa, it will be interesting to look at Chinese shops, Portuguese-style offices, a former fireworks factory. It is customary to hang flower baskets and lanterns on the streets, so walking along them will leave a very pleasant impression. One of the streets, Rua da Cunha, is almost completely occupied by restaurants with Portuguese, Chinese, Macanese and Italian cuisines. To the east of the village stands the neoclassical church, built in 1885. From the church square, through the gardens, there are footpaths to Avenida da Praia. Avenida da Praia is a tree-lined pedestrian area that takes you back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Macau is one of the main centers of sports life in southeast Asia. Various competitions and cup games are constantly held here. Various races are especially loved by the locals. Greyhound racing is held at Canidrome, Asia’s only real dog racing stadium. The canidrom has excellent facilities, from beautiful grandstands and a restaurant complex to a small museum and VIP boxes. More than 300 dogs take part in races every day. Regular go kart competitions are held on Taipa Island. Festive Motorcycle Festival of the Far East and Formula III car racing, Macau Grand Prix are held during the third week of November. Near the Grand Prix track there is a unique Grand Prix Museum. Equestrian sports are also popular. The Jockey Club of Macau organizes regular horse races in Taipa. Among the non-traditional entertainment for the East is the annual bullfight.

Types of Tourism in Macao

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