Types of Tourism in Morocco


The beaches of the Atlantic coast are sandy and wide, while the Mediterranean coast is steep and the beaches here stretch in a narrow strip along the coast. In some parts of the Atlantic coast, strong tides are observed. Agadir is considered the center of a beach holiday in Morocco. It is very similar to European resorts with a developed infrastructure; women almost never wear national clothes here. A sandy beach stretches along the entire city, to which more than 40 hotels of a fairly high level adjoin. SURFING 170 km north of Agadir is the fortress-port of Essaouira. The highest wave on the coast is observed here and a constant wind blows, so surfers prefer to gather here, especially since there is a large surfing center nearby.


Wellness holidays are very popular in Morocco. The main thalassotherapy centers are located at hotels in the cities of Casablanca, Agadir and Fes. The treatment uses local sea water, iodine-rich air with a high oxygen content and the best Western technologies. The main procedures are hydromassage, douche, circular shower, Charcot shower, water gymnastics, “cavitasonic” (room for light ionization, in which sea water is distributed in the form of steam), algae therapy, Turkish bath (hammam) to cleanse the body before the main procedures, plantar reflexology (an ancient type of oriental massage), foot and hand baths. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Morocco.


1/3 of the territory of Morocco is occupied by the Atlas Mountains. Within this mountain system there are peaks that are covered with snow all year round, and it is there that the main ski centers of the country are located. One of them (Oukaimeden) is located 75 km from Marrakech. The height of the base is 2600 m above sea level, and the height of the nearby mountain is 3270 m. There are 7 lifts within the base. The season starts in December and ends in April.


It is interesting to drive through the diverse landscapes of Morocco – in one day you can see sandy beaches, rugged mountain vegetation, and picturesque reservoirs. It is worth visiting the Berber villages and getting to know the life of the local population.


There are many natural attractions in the Atlas Mountains, where almost every peak is surrounded by a National Park. The Moroccan National Parks are more suitable for hikers, meaning they offer many routes to explore the nature of the Atlas Mountains. The most famous parks Morocco – Toubkal and Tazecca. The starting point for a trip to the Toubkal National Park is the village of Imlil, which is located at an altitude of 2000 m in the High Atlas. This park is located around the peak of Toubkal (the highest point of the Atlas – 4167 m). Tazecca National Park is located in the Middle Atlas, 136 km from the city of Fes. It was created in 1950 to protect the Atlantic cedar, because most of the trees on the peak of the same name were cut down. The park covers an area of 6.8 sq. km.

Berber nomads live in the Atlas Mountains, their life and villages are interesting, which can be seen when traveling in this area. By visiting the villages, you will get acquainted with the culture and life of the Berbers.

On the eastern slopes of the Atlas, at an altitude of more than 1000 meters, stands the city of Ouarzazate . In the vicinity of Ouarzazate are the Todra and Dades gorges, which are popular trekking routes for nature lovers. Lions even once lived in the Dades Gorge, but the last one was killed in 1905.


Excursion program in Morocco is very rich. Morocco is an ancient country, Christians and Muslims fought on its territory, the peoples of different countries brought their own touches to its culture. Now Morocco has a large number of historical sights that keep the imprints of the past.

Types of Tourism in Morocco

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