Types of Tourism in Myanmar


The length of the country’s coastline is 1930 km. Along it (mainly in the northern part of the coast) there are picturesque bays with sandy beaches and numerous hotels.

The most popular beach in Myanmar – Ngapali – is located 7 km from the city of Sandoway on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is considered one of the cleanest in the world. The sand in Ngapali is white, the beach is surrounded by palm trees, there are no bars, intrusive sellers and crowds of tourists. Ngapali is a great place for a relaxing holiday, swimming and walking. South of Ngapali you can also go to Kantai beach. Chang Ta┬áBeach is located 40 km west of the city of Pathein. It is considered the widest in the country. The beach is surrounded by coconut palms and cassowaries, and there are numerous bungalows along the coastline. In Chang Ta, excellent crab dishes are prepared. From Chang Ta you can go to the islands of T’pyu with deserted white beaches and Po Kalar, where there are many crabs. Also not far from here are the beaches of Kyat Maung Nam and Ngwe San. Ngwe San Beach (Silver Beach) was opened in 2000. It is 48 km from Pathein. Now the resort of Ngwe San is developing rapidly and is becoming one of the best places for a beach holiday in Myanmar.┬áCheck top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Myanmar.

On the coast of the Andaman Sea you can relax in Letkokon (the nearest beach from Yangon), Sets in the Mon state and on the Mergui archipelago .


Myanmar is washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. The Mergui archipelago is considered the best place in the country for diving. It is surrounded by coral reefs, and colorful tropical fish, crabs, shrimps, wrasses, moray eels, sharks and rays live in coastal waters. Diving in Myanmar is best from December to April; in February-May, a lot of sharks and rays appear here. Underwater visibility during the year varies from 5 to 50 m. Local dive sites are not suitable for beginners, because in their vicinity there are strong undercurrents.

Archipelago Mergui consists of 800 islands. Burma Bank is considered the most popular dive site in these places. There are underwater plateaus that rise almost to the surface of the water, and in some places drop steeply down to a depth of 300 m. Burma Bank’s undercurrents allow divers to drift. Very often whitetip reef sharks appear here. Also in the vicinity of the Mergui archipelago, dive sites such as Black Rock are interesting, which is a small rocky island only 8 m wide, around which devil rays and manta rays swim, Western cliffs with red octopuses, North Twin Island and Shark Cave. Shark Cave is located off the coast of a small island. Its depth reaches 16 m, and its length is 20 m. The cave got its name because of the gray reef sharks, nurse sharks and whale sharks that live here.

You can also dive in the vicinity of Ngwe San beach. In coastal waters you will see a variety of fish, rare sea urchins, coral reefs and many caves. The nearby Bird Island and White Rocks Island are also good for diving.


Three national parks and more than 30 protected areas have been created in the country. Some of the best are Alangdo Katpa National Park, Hloga Park, Mount Victoria National Park, Hkakobo Razi National Park, Hloga Park, Mount Popa Park, protected areas of Lake Inle and the archipelago Mergui.

Alangdo-Katpa National Park was established in 1984 in the administrative district of Sagain to protect mountain forests with tigers, leopards, gaurs, mountain goats, bears and elephants living in them.

Khloga Park is located near Yangon. It includes a protected area, a zoo and a buffer zone. Here are rare species of animals and plants of Myanmar. Crocodiles, pythons, leopards, lyre deer, pig deer and barking deer are found in Chloga. Mount Popa Park is located

60 km southeast of Bagan.. The height of Mount Popa is 1518 m above sea level. This is an extinct volcano, which is considered a sacred place. According to legend, the spirits of nature live on Mount Popa. Spirit statues are presented in the monastery, which stands on the very top of the mountain. The slopes of the mountain are covered with dry forests, where such rare monkeys as the smoky lagur live.

Hkakobo Razi National Park is located in Kachin State. The park was created to protect plants and animals in the vicinity of the highest point in the country – Mount Hkakobo Razi (5881 m). Its area is 3800 sq. km. In addition to plants and animals, you can see many colorful butterflies in the National Park.

Also be sure to visit the Pyin-O-Lwin National Botanical Gardens (near Mandalay), where about 42 two species of rare orchids are collected, the Moengui wetlands (near Bago), where waterfowl are protected, and the Yangon Zoo.


Lake Inle Lake is located at an altitude of 884 m above sea level in Shan State. The area of the lake with adjacent protected areas is 1670 sq. km. About 80 species of birds live here, 27 of which are waterfowl, and 40 species of freshwater fish. Inle Lake is known as the “Lake of Floating Gardens” because the locals grow vegetable gardens right on the water. For this, peculiar rafts are created, woven from roots and grass, on top of which earth is poured, richly fertilized with bottom silt. The main city of the lake, where all excursions start from, is Nyang Shwe.

Lampi Island (Mergui Archipelago)

Lampi Island is the only protected area of the Mergui Archipelago. It is located in the southern part of the country in the Andaman Sea. The island has a Marine Park where you can go diving, and a protected area on land, which includes mangroves and forests with deer, tigers, elephants, monkeys and a variety of birds living here.


Hiking is more suited to the northern mountainous part of the country, especially Shan State. Hiking trails stretch across the country from north to south, starting in the state of Shan and ending in the city of Pingdai. Inle Lake is also suitable for hiking.


In Myanmar there are a huge number of religious buildings and about 3 thousand pagodas covered with gold, many of which have been preserved from ancient civilizations. The excursion program mainly consists of visits to the golden pagodas of ancient cities. In addition, cruises on the Ayeyarwaddy River, on the banks of which ancient cities are located, are very popular in the country.

Types of Tourism in Myanmar

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