Types of Tourism in Philippines


Warm waters of the coastal seas, the temperature of which does not drop below +25 degrees throughout the year, white sand and developed infrastructure make the Philippines one of the leaders in beach holidays in the world. Many islands of the archipelago have been turned into resort areas. Among them, the most popular is the island of Boracay with its unique White Beach (white beach), on the island of Mindoro there is the Muelle Bay resort area in the Puerto Galera area, on the island of Palawan, sunbathe on Honda Bay and be sure to visit the small island of Malapascua in the Cebu region.


Coastal waters of the Philippines – one of the best diving sites in the world. The most sophisticated divers will be surprised by the diversity of the underwater world that is presented here – more than 500 varieties of corals and more than 2000 species of fish, 6 species of sea turtles, more than 20 species of whales and dolphins, as well as the most dangerous white shark. Fans of wreck diving are invited to explore the sunken ships that littered the bottom of the island shelf after the Second World War. You can dive from the shore, from a boat in the open sea or from a “bank” (a local boat similar to a canoe). The most popular dive sites are located in the Palawan area.. One of them is El Nido, the other is the Tubbataha Reef, which has become a National Reserve protected by UNESCO. The northern part of Tubbatah is known for a large number of turtles, but strong currents are also observed there, and Amos Rock, ideal for night diving, is located nearby. Mindoro Island is known for San Jose ‘s Apo Reef, a place suitable for drift diving due to strong currents. In the waters of the southern coast of Mindoro, from November to April, tiger sharks and hammerhead fish swim through coral-covered underwater canyons. There are many interesting places in the vicinity of Luzon island. In Subic Bay near Manila there used to be a US naval base, so the most popular place is “New York”, so named because of the American ship that sank here, coral gardens are very interesting – In La Union, divers will see caves, tanks from the Second World War, in which moray eels, whale and white-tailed sharks, leopard stingrays, giant barracudas, Spanish mackerel, turtles can also be found here. The Blue Holes are very popular in Nasugbu Bay, where giant octopuses, cuttlefish and turtles live. In the Bohol area, the depth of a possible dive reaches 100 m, here you will see caves, huge arches, large fish, including hammerhead fish.┬áCheck top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Philippines.

In addition to divers, coastal waters also attract surfers.

A high wave is observed here from October to January. For beginners, the northwest of Luzon is suitable – La Union and Boracay Island in the White Beach area. The waves in Baler and Infanta are higher, so they are suitable for the average level. Fans of extreme sports should go to the East Coast.

VOLCANOES The Philippine

archipelago is part of a belt of active volcanoes, the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Most often, excursions are offered to the volcanoes of the island of Luzon, because there are about 20 of them. The Pinatubo volcano is remembered for its powerful destructive eruption in 1991; the Mayon volcano (2450 m) has the shape of a regular cone and has erupted 4 times since the 20th century seridina, and 47 times since 1616 (!); Taal volcano 50 km south of Manila is the smallest volcano in the world. The extinct volcano Apo (3144 m) is the highest point of the islands, located on the island of Mindanao.


Once the territory of the Philippine Islands was completely covered with impenetrable tropical forests, now there are not so many of them left, but the flow of tourists who want to look at local ecosystems still does not dry out. If you want to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Philippines, go to Palawan Island. The local tropical rainforests are known for their giant trees, many of which are endemic, about 25% of the animal species that live in the archipelago are found only on this island. If you are lucky, you will see a king cobra and huge butterflies larger than the palm of your hand.


The main historical sights of the Philippines are located in the major cities of the islands of Luzon, Palawan and Cebu.


Manila is a shopping paradise. Almost all well-known trade brands are represented here at prices significantly lower than European ones. The Makati area is full of all kinds of shopping centers where you can spend more than one day. And almost every metro station has a shopping center.

Types of Tourism in Philippines

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