Types of Tourism in Slovakia


The area of the Slovak Tatras is considered one of the most ecologically clean in Europe. The level of service at the local ski resorts is close to French or Austrian, and the prices are relatively low. The skiing season lasts from November to March.

The most popular resort is Jasna in the Low Tatras. It is located on the territory of the National Park near the northern slopes of Mount Chopok. There are 13 lifts in the resort, 21 km of high-speed trails are open with a height difference from 85 to 1085 m with any degree of difficulty. There are also excellent conditions for snowboarding.

The highest mountain resort in Slovakia – Strbske Pleso – is located in the High Tatras on the shore of a picturesque lake. It is also known as a medical resort. The tracks are located at altitudes from 1400 to 1840 m, there are 6 lifts, and there is a modern ski station nearby.┬áCheck top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Slovakia.

The oldest resort in Slovakia – Smokovci – is also located in the High Tatras and is suitable for beginner skiers. In addition to skiing, you can go sledding and ice skating in its surroundings. The sledding track is over 2 km long with a vertical drop of 250 m.


The nature of the Tatras, untouched by human activity, and ecologically clean air are carefully protected by local authorities. There are 5 National Parks and 16 protected natural areas. The most interesting are the Tatra People’s Park, the National Park, which covers the second highest mountain range of the Western Carpathians, the Pieniny People’s Park, the Mala Fatra People’s Park with the beautiful Vratna Valley and the karst area of Slovenska Paradise.

TREATMENT About 1400 mineral springs have been discovered

on the territory of Slovakia. In the east of the country, 6 km from the town of Bardejov, there is a resort called Bardejovskie Kupeli with 12 mineral springs – bicarbonate, sodium chloride, ferrous acid, cold, hypotonic and with a high content of boric acid. The height of the resort is 325 m above sea level, it is surrounded by coniferous forests, where you can go hiking, and the air here is filled with minerals. Piestany

Spa was founded in 1889. It is located in the Vah river valley 80 km from Bratislava. Its mineral waters and sulphurous mud are used to treat rheumatism and arthritis. The main procedures offered to patients are baths, showers, gymnastics and massage. In the Trencian Greenhouses

Sulfuric, hydrogen sulfide, calcium-magnesium and fluorine-containing mineral springs function. The spa treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as nervous diseases and post-traumatic conditions.

The mountain resort Strbske Pleso , located in the middle of a coniferous forest, specializes in the prevention of respiratory diseases. The main method of treatment is climatotherapy (treatment with air and sun).


On the numerous lakes of Slovakia in the summer, not only tourists, but also local residents have a rest. The most popular are Senetsky lakes, which are located in the southwest of the country, 25 km from Bratislava. In summer, the water temperature in them is about +25 degrees, in the vicinity there are volleyball courts, mini golf and maxi chess, as well as many attractions for children. To the east is the country’s second largest lake, Zemplinska Shirava. Its shores are covered with grass, picnics are often arranged here, tourists sunbathe and swim. Zemplinska Sirava is a popular place for fishing.


As in any European country, there are many historical sights in Slovakia, so the excursion program is very diverse, trips to medieval castles are especially interesting.

Types of Tourism in Slovakia

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