Types of Tourism in Slovenia


The spurs of the Alpine mountains go to the north and north-west of Slovenia. Steady snow cover during the winter months, mild climate and developed infrastructure make this region quite popular among ski lovers. The season here runs from early December to late April. The most famous and largest ski resort in Slovenia is Mariborsko Pohorje. It is located 6 km from the city of Maribor. There are 21 ski lifts on the slopes of the mountains, there is also the longest running track (4.5 km), which is illuminated in the evening hours. Every year Maribor Pohorje hosts the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Very popular resort Kranjska Gora, which is located near the border of Italy and Austria, 90 km from Ljubljana at an altitude of 810 m above sea level. The local ski jump, which is considered one of the highest in the world, annually hosts the World Ski Jumping Championship. This resort even has its own concert hall and 2 casinos, not to mention numerous bars, discos, restaurants and sports clubs. The slopes of the Bovec resort are located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, the resort itself is at 480 m, to Ljubljana from here 136 km. There is a regular bus service to the cable car. For those who have started skiing for the first time, the Chezsocha track is suitable, the height of which does not exceed 300 m, for skiers with little experience – the Ravelnik track, professionals are offered the Krnica track, but even the most experienced skiers should go through it with instructors. The length of cross-country skiing trails is more than 60 km. Among snowboarders, the Slovenian resort Vogel is famous. Recently, a special park for snowboarding has been opened here. The resort offers a beautiful view of Lake Bohinj, and is close to the highest point in Slovenia – Mount Triglav. This place is well suited for family holidays – here you can go sledding, skiing on flat terrain, even at night. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Slovenia.

During treatment in Slovenia, local spas use thermal waters from nearby springs, a mild climate, and on the coast – sea mud and sea water. The main direction of the Chartezh resort is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system with the help of acrato-hyperthermal springs with a temperature of +41 to +60 degrees. In addition, they carry out the prevention of inflammatory processes in rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases and help to get rid of excess weight. Spa Terme Zrece is located 17 km from the Rogla ski center in a pine forest. Here they carry out the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, diseases of the nervous system, respiratory tract and stress conditions. Visitors can choose from thermal pools, Turkish and Finnish baths, a medical rehabilitation center, gyms and a beauty salon. The main therapeutic factors of the resort are: hydrogen-carbonate thermal water with a temperature of +34.5 degrees, containing calcium and magnesium, natural fango bentonite mud and a healing mountain climate. Balneological resort Bled located on the banks of the picturesque Lake Bled, surrounded by mountains and forests. The mountains protect it from cold winds, so there is a special mild microclimate here. The pools of local treatment centers receive water from thermal springs, which perfectly relieves stress and fatigue. On the territory of the ski resort Mariborskoe Pohorje there is a thermal center Terme Maribor, where you can undergo diagnostics and treatment with the help of thermal pools, saunas, solariums and a Turkish bath. On the coast of the Adriatic Sea, where clean sea air is combined with a pleasant climate without sharp daily and seasonal fluctuations in temperature, the resort of Portorož is quite popular.. Wellness programs include balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, all types of physiotherapy, massages, inhalations, using saline-alkaline marine deposits, “mother” water, sea therapeutic mud – “peloids” and thermal mineral water.


In the valley of the Seven Lakes on the territory of the Triglav National Park there are two lakes that have long established themselves as a great place for outdoor recreation with the whole family. Lake Bled is located 40 km from Ljubljana at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. The resort of the same name on its banks was opened in 1856. The infrastructure is well developed here, and tourists are happy to relax in Bled all year round. In winter, they skate on the frozen lake, and in summer they swim in its waters, walk and ride bicycles. Although the lake is glacial, due to the fact that it is fed by thermal springs, the water temperature in summer reaches +24 degrees. 30 km from Lake Bled is Lake Bohinj. It is surrounded by dense forest and you can see waterfalls in the vicinity. One of them (Savica) falls from a height of 78 m, and this is where the Sava River originates. In winter, the area turns into a ski resort.


Mountain rivers in Slovenia attract lovers of extreme recreation. The most suitable places for rafting are the surroundings of Lake Bled and the Bovec resort area. Bovec is located in the valley of the Soča River and has long established itself as a great place for extreme tourism. Here on an inflatable boat you will rush along the rapids of a stormy mountain river.


In the southwest of Slovenia, a small part of it goes to the Adriatic Sea. The length of the coastline is 46 km. This region has both sandy and pebbly beaches, but most often they are concrete slabs. The experts of the European Commission during the study concluded that in Slovenia very clean sea. All coastal cities bear the imprint of Italian culture in their appearance, this can be seen in the local cuisine, and in the customs and habits of the inhabitants. The most popular resort on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia is Piran, Portorož and Izola are also known.


There are many ancient cities in Slovenia, some of which even have the ruins of ancient Roman buildings, so there is something for curious tourists to see.

Vogel (Slovenia)

Vogel is one of the many ski resorts in Slovenia. It is located in the Triglav National Park near Lake Bohinj. During the winter months, the most powerful snow cover in all the Julian Alps forms here, since this place is the first barrier to the humid sea air masses. Altitudes vary within the resort from 569 to 1800 m. Vogel is great for families, and this resort also has a snowboarding park.

Types of Tourism in Slovenia

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