Types of Tourism in Sweden


The main beach resorts in Sweden are located on the islands of Öland and Gotland, which are located in the Baltic Sea. Here, during the year, the climatic conditions are milder, warmer climate and a large number of sunny days in the summer attract sunbathers and swimmers here. In addition, beach holidays are common on the southeast and southwest coast of Sweden, especially in the Skåne region, as well as in the Halland region. Here, the kilometer-long sandy beaches are filled with tourists, the resorts of Tylösand, Mellbystrand, Skrea Beach and Apelviken are especially popular. Most Swedish beaches have been awarded the “blue flag” as meeting the basic standards of the European Union. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Sweden.


This is the most famous ski resort Sweden. It is located in the western part of the country, near the border with Norway, at the foot of the mountains, the highest of which is Oreskutan, 1429 m above sea level. The height difference in the Åre Predalh is on average 880 m. In 2001, the final competitions for the Alpine Skiing World Cup were held here. The resort has trails of various difficulty levels, good technical equipment, and an extensive system of lifts. The resort is divided into four regions – Duved, Tegefjell, Ope and Bjornen, which are interconnected by bus lines. In Are about 100 tracks, with a total length of 82 km. At the foot of the mountains there are slopes more suitable for beginners – 12 “green” and 39 “blue” slopes, in the upper part of the resort skiers are offered 44 slopes – 39 “red” and 5 “black”, as well as 5 virgin slopes for extreme lovers. 50 ski lifts take skiers to the slopes daily. One of them – “kabinbanan” – its length is 2900 m, elevation difference – 853 m. It can serve 560 people per hour. The Duved region has a vertical drop of 1031 m, suitable for company and family holidays, and also offers opportunities for snowboarding. The Bjornen region is suitable for a family holiday, because there are schools for beginner skiers, where even children can ski, a children’s center is also offered for families, children’s lifts work. The height difference in Bjornen is 727 m. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides, so there are no strong winds here, and the temperature is always 2-3 degrees higher than in other regions. There are flat trails that are laid in the forest. The Tegefjell region is suitable for snowboarders.

The resort has opportunities for trips on reindeer and dog sleds, snow scooters, horseback riding, a huge number of restaurants, bars and clubs.

The resort of Sälen is located in central Sweden. There are also several districts here, the largest of which are Lindvalen – Hegfjelet and Tandodalen – Hundfjelet. Sälen has 41 ski lifts, 56 slopes with a length of 42 km, of which 27 are green, 8 are blue, 14 are red and 5 are black, as well as 49 km of cross-country skiing trails. The elevation difference within the resort is 240 m. The Lindvalen area is more peaceful, unlike Tandodalen, where life is in full swing, where there are many cafes and restaurants.


The Ore resort offers extensive opportunities for snowboard lovers.. It is believed that the best snowboard gutter in Scandinavia is located here. Tegefjell has a snowboard park, and you can also use the services of experienced instructors.


There are many lakes in Central Sweden, the largest of them are Vänern (5545 sq. km), Vättern (1898 sq. km), Mälaren (1140 sq. km) and Elmaren (479 sq. km). Cottage settlements are arranged on the shores of lakes. Here you can swim, sunbathe, ride on the lakes on a boat, pedalo, as well as play golf and just walk through the forests. Lake Silyan is very beautiful, on the banks of which the resort village of Mura is located.

DIVING Wreck- daving is common

on the southeast coast of Sweden. In the waters of the Baltic Sea in the waters of Sweden about ten thousand shipwrecks were recorded, of which in one thousand five hundred cases the time and place are known. In fact, the number of sunken ships is much higher, perhaps around twenty thousand. Of these wrecks, more than ninety-nine percent are historic ships, that is, ships that sank between 1500 and 1997. It is in order to explore these sunken ships that divers come to Sweden.


Sweden is known as one of the best places for pike in the world. Sea trout, whitefish, char and grayling are found along the sea coast. Also Sweden famous for its salmon rivers. Swedish lakes are full of roach, ide, vendace, bream and cyprinids. It should be noted that fishing is not allowed everywhere. In the lakes of Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren and Elmaren you can fish for free, in other waters you need to obtain a special permit from the local information office or sports shops. Fishing is strictly prohibited in privately owned water bodies.


Sweden offers tourists a varied excursion program – from the northern regions with the northern lights, to the central and southern parts of the country with ancient cities that are full of historical sights.

Types of Tourism in Sweden

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