Types of Tourism in Ukraine


In Ukraine, washed by the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, there are excellent conditions for a beach holiday. Many tourists choose this country only to swim in the warm waters, bask in the gentle sun and breathe in the healing air.

Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov is an inland body of water washing the eastern shores of Crimea, the coast of Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions. Due to the closeness, the water here is 3-5 degrees warmer than in the Black Sea. The ancient Greeks called the Sea of Azov Mayotis Liman – “Meotian Lake”, and the Romans – “Meotian Swamp” for its shallow water and low-lying swampy eastern shores. The coast of the Sea of ​​Azov is less picturesque and diverse than the Black Sea. But it has its own unique beauty. The steppes come close to the sea, and in some places the floodplains overgrown with reeds. The coastline forms smooth curves, and only long sandy spits give it some indentation. A large number of spits is one of the characteristic features of the shores of the Sea of Azov. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Ukraine.

The main resorts on the Sea of Azov are Melekino, Belosarayskaya Spit, Berdyansk,, Sedovo, Urzuf, Yurievka. In sanatoriums, treatment is carried out with mineral waters and mud.


Ski tourism is developed in the south-west of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. This region is famous for its picturesque landscapes, healing mineral springs and favorable climate. The ski slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. The length of the slopes is from 300 m to 2000 m. Restored old and built new tourist complexes, which are located in the picturesque corners of the region.

Slavske is a center of skiing, tourism and recreation. It is located in the picturesque valley of the Opir and Slavka rivers at an altitude of 501m above sea level. Slavske is located near Lviv and has good rail links to Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Uzhgorod. The variety of terrain and the level of difficulty of the tracks allow both beginners and experienced athletes to have a good rest. The best and most interesting trails are on Mount Trostyan (altitude 1235 m above sea level). From this mountain you can ride in almost any direction – the slopes are divided into western, northern, central and eastern. There are trails of any difficulty level, except for black (super difficult). At the bottom of the western slope is a great place for beginners to learn. Another mountain of Slavsky – Polytechnic – is quite suitable for those who are just learning to ski or for parents with children. The slope here is gentle, about a kilometer long.

Ski base Dragobrat is located at an altitude of 1400 m and is the highest ski base in Ukraine. The horseshoe-shaped arrangement of the mountains of the Svidivets ridge creates a unique natural phenomenon of the Dragobrat tract – the presence of a stable snow cover from November to May. The resort has 4 runs (3 red and 1 blue). There is a freestyle stadium next to the complex.

Verkhovyna is the legendary land of alpine meadows, which turns into the realm of snow, sledges and skis in winter. The unique charm of the mountain scenery, mild climate, healing springs, the exciting possibility of skiing – all this has attracted tourists here since the beginning of the last century.

Tourist complex Bukovel is located at an altitude of 920 m above sea level at the foot of the mountain. The total length of trails and slopes is 15.5 km. Trails of varying difficulty: 1 black, 5 red and 7 blue. Lighting of trails for night skiing. The winter season lasts 3-4 months (from December to March inclusive).

In the village of Oryavchik there is a 1000 m long lift with a well-prepared track, and next to it there is a children’s “multi-lift” 300 m long. A few kilometers from the village, in the Tysovets tract, there is a 1800 m long chair lift that takes skiers to the top of a neighboring mountain, from where the ski slopes start to two drag lifts 800 m long and to a chair lift 600 m long. There is also a freestyle track and a mogul track. There are also three springboards with a height of 90 m, 70 m and 40 m.


In Ukraine monuments of many eras have been preserved – from Scythian burials and Greek cities to examples of classical architecture. Sights can be seen almost everywhere, even in small towns and villages, not to mention large centers. Many different castles and fortresses have been preserved on the territory of Ukraine. Due to historical circumstances and state division, castles and fortresses are located mainly in western Ukraine.


In Crimea, diving centers can be found almost everywhere. The most interesting places for diving are Karantinnaya Bay, located near the ancient Chersonese, where you can find fragments of ancient dishes, the remains of amphorae and pithoi, clay tiles; at Cape Khersones, where a unique landscape of overhanging rocks, grottoes and deep canyons has developed; Blue Bay with a Soviet aircraft resting on its bottom 1944 and with an underwater tower; water areas in the Balaklava area, famous for its numerous caves, as well as the crashed ship of 1934; the mouth of the Kacha River, where the English sailboat of 1854 rests; at Cape Fiolent, the waters in the area of ​​which amaze with the amazing diversity of the underwater world, the indescribable bottom topography, underwater fjords and harbors; Laspinskaya bay with clear and emerald water and interesting washout figures. Crabs, rapanas, mussels live in the coastal waters of the Crimea. All dives are carried out with experienced instructors. The best option is a dive safari. This is a sea cruise on a comfortable yacht with a rich diving program that most clearly reveals the underwater world of this area of the sea.


In Ukraine a lot of interesting places for hiking. Crimea is a paradise for lovers of such a holiday. Archaeological trips to Mount Mangup, the former capital of the medieval Principality of Theodoro, are also organized. In the area of the expedition camp, you can make fascinating excursions to medieval cave cities and monasteries: Eski-Kermen, Kyz-Kule, Shuldan and Chelter-Koba. Get acquainted with the culture of the Crimean Tatars in the village of Khoji-Sala at the foot of Mangup.

Rest on the lakes.

This type of holiday is suitable for those who love solitude and peace. The main recreation centers are located on the Shatsky Lakes, Lake Synevyr and Lake Svityaz.


In Ukraine, there are ample opportunities for extreme tourism – rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, horseback riding, cycling tours, kayaking, rafting (rafting on a mountain river), diving in a bathyscaphe, flying on a glider, hang glider, paragliding, trike, helicopter, parachuting.

One of the most popular tours is the descent into underground caves. They are of karst origin and are located in the mountain ranges of Chatyrdag, Dolgorukovskaya Yayla and Ai-Petri. Their rivers flow underground, waterfalls rumble, stalactites and stalagmites sparkle in the rays of lanterns. Cave hikes are conducted with experienced instructors. Participants are provided with the necessary equipment and equipment.

The main rivers used for rafting are the Desna, the Southern Bug, the Dniester, the Seversky Donets, the Black Cheremosh.

A particularly popular and rapidly developing type of outdoor activity in the Crimea is horseback riding. travel. Equestrian tourism centers are located in the Belogorsk region, near Yalta (club “Karyer”), at the foot of Mount Demerdzhi (Alushta), in the region of Sevastopol and Sudak. Many-day horseback trips pass through the most picturesque places of the Crimean mountains and the coast. Large equestrian tourist bases are located on the top of Ai-Petri (seasonal) and in the village. Solnechnoselye of the Bakhchisarai region.

Types of Tourism in Ukraine

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