Types of Tourism in United Arab Emirates

Beach vacation.

On the coast of the country there are sandy beaches. Moreover, each emirate has its own unique color of sand. All hotels located directly on the coastline have their own private beaches. Vacationers in hotels located in the city center can use both city (free) and paid beaches. The entrance ticket to the paid beach is 5 DHS, the use of a sunbed is 10 DHS. The main resorts of the UAE are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Sharjah.

Excursion program.

UAE – a relatively young country, so it cannot boast of historical monuments. But the following excursions are varied: crabbing and fishing, horseback riding, sand skiing, jeep safaris, tours of the emirates, ancient mosques and palaces. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in United Arab Emirates.


The UAE is a duty-free zone, so many tourists try to combine a beach holiday with shopping. The main centers of trade are Dubai, the capital of the country is Abu Dhabi, as well as Sharjah and Ajman. Only in Dubai there are about ten large shopping centers, which constantly hold sales. Dubai car showrooms you can buy a car inexpensively, in jewelry stores – gold items by weight at the price of the world market (prices in Dubai are among the lowest in the world), in other shopping centers – household appliances, computers and electronics, as well as furniture from all over the world.


The western coast of the UAE (Persian Gulf) is a great place for diving enthusiasts on sunken ships.

The east coast of the UAE is a real underwater paradise for divers, corals and tropical fish – all this is in abundance here. The water in the winter months is very cold, sometimes up to 17C.

Northern Oman – decent depths, the unique beauty of the underwater world, with its bright colors – that’s what awaits you on a diving safari in Northern Oman. Here, nature is almost untouched by man. Communication with the mainland is only by sea.

What to See in UAE

Abu Dhabi is the official capital of the UAE. The city was founded in 1760. It is located on an island and is separated from the mainland by a narrow strait. Now Abu Dhabi is the center of the country’s oil industry. Here, modern skyscrapers rise everywhere, and a large number of mosques emphasizes the Muslim character of the city.

Of the sights, one can note the Bedouin camp site, where their life is recreated with great realism, an oil exhibition with an exposition about the history of the development of the city, as well as the Kornichi area, which stretches in front of the sea, there are beautiful buildings, gardens, parks and fountains. Al Ain is located

140 km east of Abu Dhabi.. Its history is about 5000 years old and attracts tourists with the finds of archaeological excavations. There is also a zoo with 1500 animals from all over the world, an aquarium and an amusement park with more than 200 rides).

To the southwest of Abu Dhabi begins the ridge of high hilly dunes of Rub al-Khali – one of the most severe and arid places on Earth.

Dubai is the second largest city in the UAE. The Creek divides Dubai into two parts, with Bur Dubai on one side., on the other side – the Deira region. In the city, it is worth visiting the Sheikh Mohammed Palace, the largest mosque in Jumeirah, which is illuminated in the evening, the old wind towers that were previously used to cool the air in buildings, as well as the ancient Dubai Dungeons fortress, a zoo and a huge shopping center. In Dubai, you can visit camel races and see the lagoon of pink flamingos.

Wild Wadi water park is very interesting. Here, tourists are offered artificial waves up to 2.5 m high, the opportunity to go surfing (water flow speed is 60-80 km / h), waterfalls, a black hole, a kamikaze slide (free fall from a height of 15 meters) and a children’s section.. After you pay for the ticket, everyone will be given special tokens, designed in the form of a wristwatch: from the token is not only a pass to the water park, but also the internal currency and the key to the locker in the locker room. In order not to carry paper and metal money with you at the entrance to the token, you can put (write down) a certain amount in dirhams. Just tell the cashier about it. If you forgot to do this, then you can replenish the balance on the territory of the water park (counter near the locker rooms). The currency saved in this way can already be spent – in a beach accessories store or in numerous catering outlets. An important note – bringing food and soft drinks with you is strictly prohibited. Unspent money will be returned in cash at the exit.

There are also daily cruises around Dubai Creek. Types of ships are different – from wooden, stylized “antique” boats (for example, from the Dubai Intercontinental Hotel), to ultra-modern catamaran yachts. As a rule, the program includes dinner and two free alcoholic drinks. Sometimes a free show program is added. like belly dancing.

The Creek has a wildlife sanctuary with over 27,000 birds. In the vicinity of the city, there is the archaeological region of Jumeray, which began to be populated as early as the 6th century AD. It was one of the transit points on the trade route from Iraq to Oman. Now there are the remains of walls and buildings, as well as a collection of pottery, tools and coins.

Shooting club (shooting club). Sheikh Elite Club. Bench shooting. It is possible to enjoy shooting from any type of weapon. For extra money you can fight in Paintball (paintball). Airplane flight (with an instructor). During the flight (alone, with friends, with family) not only enjoy the feeling of flying on your own, but also take photos of pink flamingos, blue lagoons, golden sands. Unforgettable beauty of the Umm al Quwain islands from a bird’s eye view.

Skydiving (with an instructor). A tandem jump from a height of 4,000 meters on a special parachute. Additionally, video and photo shooting is possible.

Kart racing. Professional track, equipment, powerful cars, computer registration of time.

Sharjah is located in the emirate of the same name on the Persian Gulf, 13 km from Dubai. By the 19th century, due to the development of trade routes, the city became a major port, however, over time, this status was lost, now it is a major resort. It is known for its sandy beaches, tranquil lagoons and green parks. Almost all hotels are located in the northern part of the city on a wide spit jutting out into the Persian Gulf. You can only swim on the beach belonging to the hotel where you are staying, and you should not sunbathe in the top forest, this is strictly prohibited by local laws.

Among the architectural sights stand out modern original memorial “Unification” (a monument to Progress 15 m high, located on the Government Square) and the symbol of Islam – the monument “Koran”, which is a seven-meter structure in the form of an open book. Sharjah is home to the King Faisal Mosque, which can accommodate more than 3,000 people. In the center of the city, in the Gulf of Khaled, there is an island on which the park is located. The fountain is interesting here, which occupies the third place in the world in height – 100m, there is a children’s town and a shopping street with a central market built in the Arabic style, known among tourists as a “locomotive”. Fujairah is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.. There are not as many skyscrapers here as in the main large cities, from the sights you can see the dilapidated fort, which was built in 1670, the tower of the Trade Center, the Nautical Club and numerous markets. Not far from Fujairah, the Al-Bitiya Mosque, the former palace of the Emir of Fujairah – the Al-Kheil fortress, the easternmost fort of the country – Al-Bitna, as well as three protected areas – Al-Wurraya waterfalls, Ain Al-Madhab gardens and Ain hot sulfur springs attract attention. Al-Ghamur. Ajman cityis the residence of the Emir of the emirate of the same name. The National Historical Museum with an exhibition of archaeological finds, manuscripts and weapons, the Ajman shipyard, a square watchtower, the Al-Nuami mosque, a camel track and mineral springs near the city are of interest here.

Types of Tourism in United Arab Emirates

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