UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185: A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets

UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185: A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets

Once is not custom, we test today the brand Sennheiser UHF wireless digital audio headphones. SR 165 at RS 185 through the RS 175, he is in for all tastes in every budget, whether it is to listen to its TV without disturbing neighbors or enjoy his music in mode Wireless. Discovery.

We start with the Sennheiser RS 165. It is a UHF closed type circum-aural headphones, as howsmb says. This means that the ear is fully covered by the atria. These last are particularly soft pads, which thus contribute to ease of use. The left side houses a small paved with three simple commands, two assigned to the volume control and the third to the bass level. No music signal, l “insulation of the Sennheiser has nothing extraordinary, but this is much less decisive for a headset intended for exclusively domestic listening. The Sennheiser RS 165 weighs approximately 300 g including battery. It is supplied with its base, a jack/jack cable, two rechargeable batteries, its power supply and the implementation guide in print and on CD. The use of the latter ultimately unhelpful is both the Sennheiser RS 165 isan obvious set-up. The inner side of each earpiece, removable, pivots on the right to open and give access to the storage of batteries (see video below).

UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185 A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets 1

After having connected the base to the sector and put the helmet on, there were more to wait the full charge. Once the helmet is loaded, simply connect your source to the audio input of the base through the supplied jack cable, and listening can begin. The sound personality of the Sennheiser RS 165 primarily intends to listen wireless to the sound of your television. No, not that it is frankly bad music listening, but he is more at ease on the dialogues and activation of the bass brings an welcome in the action seat. 18 hautonomy will ensure long sessions without having to recharge it and its harbour remains pleasant even after several hours. Note finally that the activation of the bass is also accessible on the front of the base, via a small button with a light indicator. On the scope, I could use the RS 165 more than 20 metres and even behind a wall (not carrier it is true). It feels like a slight delay between the image and the sound, not too inconvenient however…

The Sennheiser RS 175 looks like to be mistaken for his brother. Visually, only the side grainy earpieces and the control panel differentiate them. This last includes the functions of the RS 165 and adds a touch of Surround. The base hosts the keys of activation of the bass and the front Surround sound. In the rear, there are uinput analog to the jack formatas on the RS165, but also an input optical. A selector allows to switch from one to the other. Good point, an optical cable and a cable jack are provided in the box. For the rest, the packaging is the same as for the RS165. The use is just as simple as for the little brother. On the other hand, you change your level with regard to the sound.

UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185 A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets 2

Listening to music, the RS 175 is evidence of more finesse, with a serious more credible and better integrated. You of course do not reach the level of a very good stereo headphones, but it’s already very correct, including the jazz orchanson. Surround mode is quite successful, but still don’t expect to recreate a sound 5.1 between your ears. The Sennheiser 175 still manages to preserve the illusion of sound mix Surround sound and the activation of the bass. And it’s in the game that the result is the most convincing, with sound immersion very successful on the games type FPS.The latency between action and listening is significantly reduced compared to RS 165.

Finally, we discuss the Sennheiser RS 185. Geared more Hifi, it offers a close design 2 other models but more luxurious appearance, with mattresses of Lam in faux leather and pads of Atrium in touch velvet fabric. Dark bronze color mixed with the black of the arch brings an extra touch of aesthetics. Unlike the other two, the SR 185 is open type. Understand by that the Atria let leak sound through a grid. This technique, often used on sedentary high range helmets, to get a less compressed, air, in short, no pun intended, more… open. The weight remains close to that of the other two to 310 g.It turns even more comfortable than his two colleagues, because of the softer pads and the better padded headband.The branches are also stronger, a good omen for its lifetime. The control panel located on the right earpiece changes again. We find ourselves now with two buttons for volume control, two others for the balance, and a button “Level” on which we will return.

UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185 A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets 3

The base, with colours, offer face-to-face level back the choice between theinput analog (RCA) and an optical input. We regret the disappearance of the input jack, convenient to connect wired a Tablet, smartphone or mp3 player for example. Bluetooth connectivity would also have been welcome at this price level. In front, we discover a selection ALC /MLC button and a knob for setting the level of the latter. In fact, the ALC mode level automatically sound level, practical to avoid his sudden increases – and damaging to your ears – when you switch from one source to another. The other mode, MLC, also allows to adjust the input sensitivity but manually this time thanks to the Rotary button in front before.The Level button on the ear of the RS 185 to perform this selection between ALC and MLC remotely.

It is possible to pair two helmets RS 185 simultaneously at the same base, convenient to share a look without the need of two bases. Details finally there is provided with an RCA cable and an optical cable. Musically, it is clear that this helmet provides more force audiophile side, made with a neutral, balanced, not at all aggressive. At the most serious is sometimes a bit too good to be true. Transmission quality is very good, as on the other two models. In fact, if you are looking for a solution to stream wireless mode the sound of your stereo or a televised concert, the Sennheiser, though less versatile than a Bluetooth headset, offers substantially closest restitution of a very good wired headset. If you want to use to listen to the sound of your TV, it is perfect but will be logically less demonstrative and immersive as the RS 175 on the action scenes. On the other hand, in terms of intelligibility dialogues, it will be necessary.

UHF RS165 Helmets, 175 And 185 A Very Good Range Of Wireless Headsets 4

On the balance sheet, Sennheiser offers with its 3 helmets an as powerful as consistent range for wireless at home listening. Each responds to a specific need and does it well. The Sennheiser will be perfect for watching television, RS 175 will be more versatile for use mixed game, television and music, while SR 185 is for demanding music lovers. They keep all their promises in terms of ease of use, of autonomy and wearing comfort. One regret, however, the absence of Bluetooth connectivity on the range.