UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

UMA top: A style from Mamaka with big beautiful kimono sleeves, who now have an extra color on the sleeves. It is just as delicious as the rest of the clothes from Mamaka and equally very plain clothes as nursing and maternity clothes.

UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

Mamaka can just something that a great many fall for. And regardless of whether or not they are pregnant, nursing or not. Mamaka can design simple carelessness and yet classical elegance and in materials that are wonderful to wear.

Here is the model Uma, who is super nice with its large, open kimono-sleeves, classic boat neck and a length, you can vary, but which always sits for, because there is elastic at sides on the bottom piece of the top. It provides nice Wrinkly and gets the blouse to fall. Set the map or drag it all the way to the tunic/mini-a miniskirt dress and dare you to possibly just having leggings under as on photos and possibly some cool boots instead of shoes. It can of course also be used with pants. Black with sleeve edge in stone accented.

NB: the sleeves are pretty big and you can easily use the Uma (blouse) just with bra or Camisole underneath. But you will have the perfect set, especially if you are breastfeeding, all-day-tank-top in black (also from Mamaka) ideal to be under. It is in the same material and have a nursing function, so you can easily use the Uma as nursing. Is also available with long sleeves, see below.

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

UMA ( is perfect for you, waiting for you, and the fabric is super stretchy, soft and pleasant with space. UMA is equally perfect for breastfeeding, since you just pull into the oversized kimono-sleeves and open up for whatever you have. Easy , elegant and discreet.

And so we must of course say that it is a top that just as Mamaka’s other designs also are suitable for general use and also designed for that purpose, so that it can last for many, many years, the quality is top notch!