US 183 in South Dakota


US 183
Get started wewela
End presho
Length 74 mi
Length 119 km


US 183 is a US Highway in the US state of South Dakota. The road forms a north-south route through the central south of the state, from the Nebraska border through Winner to Presho. US 183 is 119 kilometers long in South Dakota.

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Travel directions

US 183 at Winner.

The US 183 in Nebraska comes from Hays and is a light route to Winner, a somewhat larger place where there is a more than 30 kilometer long double numbering with the US 18. The road then continues north and ends at Presho on Interstate 90.

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US 183 was added to the network in 1930. The route also entered South Dakota in 1932 when the route was extended from North Platte to Vivian. Since about 1970, the road ends on I-90 at Presho and thus no longer connects with US 83 in South Dakota.

Traffic intensities

200 vehicles drive daily near the border with Nebraska. Around Winner 1,800 to 2,300 vehicles drove with 7,300 vehicles in Winner itself. In addition, 600 vehicles drove up to I-90 at Presho. US 183 has some of the quietest sections of any US highway in the United States.

US 183 in South Dakota

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