US 202 in Maine


US 202
Get started Sanford
End Bangor
Length 168 mi
Length 270 km
New HampshireSouth Sanford


North Windham





US 202 is a US Highway in the US state of Maine. The road forms a north-south route northeast through the south of the state, from the New Hampshire border through Auburn and Augusta to Bangor. The road is 270 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Just southwest of Sanford, US 202 in New Hampshire enters the state of Maine from Concord and then runs north, paralleling Interstate 95 for some distance, the Maine Turnpike. The road passes west of Portland, crossing US 302 leading to Portland. The road then crosses I-95 twice, passing through the twin towns of Auburn and Lewiston. The road then curves to Augusta, about 50 kilometers further. US 202 leads through a hilly wooded area with quite a few lakes. Just before Augusta one crosses the I-95 again and there is also a short double numbering with the US 201 coming from Brunswick and to Quebecruns. US 202 then runs east of I-95 northeast to the town of Bangor, which is about 100 miles past Augusta. This area is also wooded and quiet and US 202 ends in Bangor where it connects with Interstate 395 and US 2.

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US 202 was created in 1934, and the route has not changed significantly in Maine since then. It was an alternative to the US 1 coastal route. Between 1947 and 1964, I-95 was built parallel to US 202, which meant that US 202’s through-going importance was soon lost.

US 202 in Maine

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