US 40 in Delaware


US 40
Get started Glasgow
End New Castle
Length 22 mi
Length 35 km


New Castle

New Jersey

US 40 is a US Highway in the US state of Delaware. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, parallel to Interstate 95. The road connects the southern suburbs of Wilmington, and is 35 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

At Glasgow, US 40 in Maryland enters the state of Delaware from Baltimore and immediately has 2×2 lanes. This area is highly urbanized, with 500,000 residents in the Wilmington area. At Glasgow there is a unique situation where offices have been built in the central reservation of the US 40. In Glasgow, the road intersects with US 301, the main road from Annapolis, Maryland, to Newark in the north. At Bear one crosses the toll road SR-1, and shortly afterwards the road merges with US 13, which comes from Dover. Both roads are then double-numbered and have 2×4 lanes. One comes here past the Newcastle Airport, after which the US 202crosses the main road to West Chester in Pennsylvania. US 40 then merges with Interstate 295, which takes the road across the Delaware River to New Jersey. US 40 in New Jersey then continues to Atlantic City.

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US 40 was created in 1926, the route in Delaware has not changed since then. As early as 1936, the first section in Delaware was widened to 4 lanes between Glasgow and New Castle. However, through traffic had to take a ferry to Penns Grove in New Jersey. On August 16, 1951, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, over which I-295 and US 40 run, opened. In 1968 a second bridge opened next to it. In 1963, the Delaware Turnpike was completed, eliminating the continuing interest of US 40 in Delaware.

Traffic intensities

In 2011, 30,700 vehicles drove daily at the Delaware border, rising to 78,000 on the double-numbered portion of US 13 at New Castle Airport. 92,000 vehicles daily crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge, which also carries I-295, which handles through traffic to New York City.

US 40 in Delaware

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