US 5 in Vermont


US 5
Get started brattleboro
End Derby Line
Length 192 mi
Length 309 km

Bellows Falls

White River Junction


St Johnsburg



US 5 is a US Highway in the US state of Vermont. The road forms a north-south route through the eastern half of the state, paralleling Interstate 91. You do not pass through large towns, only some regional towns and villages. The route is 309 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

South of the small town of Brattleboro, US 5 in Massachusetts enters Vermont from Springfield and Hartford, then begins a route north, parallel to I-91 and through the valley of the Connecticut River. One crosses I-91 many times. The landscape is wooded and hilly. The area is quiet, a touristic countryside with small villages. The US 5 does not pass through much larger towns. The largest towns on the 75 miles to White River Junction are BRattleboro, Bellows Falls and Windsor. Higher mountains are visible to the west and east, the Green Mountains to the west, the White Mountains in New Hampshire to the east. Along the way you cross several more important State Routes, but no US Highways. One then reaches White River Junction, the most important interchange in the state of Vermont. Here you first cross Interstate 89, the highway from Burlington and Montpelier to Concord and Boston. Shortly afterwards, you cross the US 4, the main road from Rutland to Concord.

Also north of White River Junction, the road temporarily follows the Connecticut Valley, crossing I-91 again several times. Along the way you regularly have beautiful views of the surroundings. To the north, the area is less populated, a harbinger of Canada. There are no other major towns within the 100 miles to St. Johnsbury. Wells River does cross US 302, the secondary main road from Montpelier to Littleton in New Hampshire. You then pass through St. Johnsbury, a small town. Interstate 93, the highway from Boston, ends here. The US 2 is also crossed here, the route from Montpelier to Bangor in Maine. North of St. Johnsbury, US 5 follows a route slightly further off I-91. You then pass through Newport, the last larger town before the border with Canada. At Derby Line, the road crosses the border into the Canadian province of Quebec, then continues as Route 143 toward Sherbrooke, Montreal and Quebec.

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US 5 was created in 1926. The route has not changed significantly in Vermont since then. Interstate 91 was built parallel to the entire route of US 5 between 1958 and 1965.

US 5 in Vermont

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