Vermont Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Northeastern USA, 24,900 km², 623,908 residents (2006 estimate), 25 residents/km², capital: Montpelier. Borders: New Hampshire (E), Massachusetts (S), New York (W); Canada (N).

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State Overview

The territory is crossed from N to S by the Green Mountains chain (Mount Mansfield, 1339 m), while the south-western sector is affected by the Taconic Range, parallel to the Green Mountains but less elevated (Mount Equinox, 1180 m). Towards W and NW the mountainous reliefs slope down into the lowlands bordering the eastern shore of Lake Champlain; to E extends a series of alteterre that gently decline towards the Connecticut valley, the most important river that interests the region, although only marginally. The other major waterways descend towards E, flowing into Connecticut, tributary of the Atlantic ocean, or towards W, thus flowing into the Champlain, the long lake basin divided between Vermont and New York State. Main economic resources are agriculture (cereals, apples, potatoes, fodder), breeding (cattle, poultry) and forest and subsoil exploitation (granite, marble, asbestos, talc); the industries, developed in the food, textile, wood, paper and cellulose sectors, are located in the capital and in the cities of Barre, Bennington, Burlington and Rutland.

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The first permanent English settlement in the region dates back to 1724 with the construction of Fort Dunner. Contested between the colonies of New Hampshire and New York, Vermont proclaimed itself a state in 1777, during the war of independence. In this it played an important role; the conquest of the Ticonderoga fortress on Lake Champlain (May 1775) was the first act of war by the Americans. In its Constitution of 1777, Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery and generalize male suffrage. In 1791 Vermont ratified the Federal Constitution and on March 4 of the same year he was admitted to the Union: the first new state after the original thirteen. During the civil war, which fought under the flags of the feds, he fought valiantly. Of conservative orientation.

Below you will see top cities in Vermont.

Burlington (Vermont)

City ​​(37,700 residents) of the state of northwestern Vermont (USA), the largest of the state, 60 km NW of the capital Montpelier on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. Agricultural market and home to mechanical, electrical, textile and food industries. Airport. There is the University of Vermont (1791).

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Vermont Tenant-Landlord Law

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