Victoria Beckham Suddenly Makes a Good Mood

She used to love black. But Victoria Beckham is now drawing more and more with color – because they are in a good mood. The designer of Sies Marjan also believes in this. Our fashion protocol from New York.

Victoria Beckham

O b Victoria Beckham has ever counted how many times she has been asked for her serious face expression? Maybe she can laugh about it, too, because the “Posh Spice” image has left her behind. You can see their own collections and look. “I used to wear a lot of black, but now I love color. She just makes me happy, “said Beckham backstage after her show in New York. In fact, it was mainly the mixture of soft sorbet and whites, as well as bright red and black, which was so successful in this collection.

Beckham has over the years acquired a stylistic lightness, which came out particularly strongly this season.A checkered shirt with a transparent pencil skirt, an airy white pajama suit, a silky shimmering trench coat with flounced applications.Classic suits lured the British through layering tricks, and the calf-length dresses have the potential to become favorites for eternity.The Victoria Beckham woman has a lot to do in her life, but she knows exactly what wardrobe in her everyday life works – and at the same time her mood.

Sies Marjan

The young New York label Sies Marjan has just arrived at show number four, but it has already released its own shoe line and presented this season for the first time men’s looks.Perhaps the rapid success has led designer Sander Lak to show his new collection for the coming spring in his studio, almost as a return to a familiar place to rethink past ideas and successes. Lak’s designs reflected what his label is so good at: creating impressive color palettes and combining them with unusual fabrics and structures into a harmonious whole.By washing and wrinkling techniques, Lak produced shrinkage and crease effects on fabrics such as chiffon, moleskin and satin.The colors ranged from night blue to grenadine to lilac.Laks Appeal for the Season: Wear pistachio green, orange and light blue from head to toe!Be sure to listen to him.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang may still look like a thin, innocent boy with too long hair, his ambition is more akin to that of a freshly hired business consultant. On Saturday night, the idea behind it was a sort of guerrilla show marathon, which began with two shows for the public in Manhattan and ended with a show for the press in the late evening. Wang crept models, lighting, and so on in big buses through the streets of Manhattan – and of course, thanks to the New York traffic, everything went according to schedule.

The start of the show for the last show, planned for 21.30 “sharp”, moved backwards by 60 minutes, the guests stood in an industrial area-like nowhere in the open air (seats were not there) and waited for Wang’s party bus. Enough time to follow the first events in Manhattan on Instagram. When the bus arrived, the #WANGFEST could finally start in Bushwick.

Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber was the first to jump out onto the catwalk in a white mini dress, followed by Suki Waterhouse in a strangely knotted top trousers ensemble.The theme of the knot and mini-dress went through several looks.Wang focused less on the sportswear that was so typical for him, trying to find more revealing negligee dresses and deconstructed hybrid parts, such as a mixture of jeans and bomber jacket.Most of it looked more confusing than convincing.His many young fans will not care about it – Wang has made a great pleasure with his street shows.

Fenty x Puma

Motorcycle stunts on the catwalk are more the specialty of Philipp Plein, but “striking and loud” also describes Rihanna’s taste quite well. You can see not only their outfits, but also their latest Fenty show for Puma , where motocross riders jumped over the ramps and a landscape of pink sand hills. Rihanna’s make-up line has been in the outfits of the perfume chain Sephora since Friday, so better, the PR machinery is humming – in the truest sense of the word.

The quality of fashion is rather secondary.Of course, many references to the motor sport, leather biker jackets to appropriate pants, hooded sweaters, bathing suits with cut-outs, cargo pants and overalls with construction worker charm according to Payhelpcenter. If you are looking for something to train or still can not get enough of athletes, the new Fenty collection will find some great cycling jackets and light nylon jackets in bright colors.The rest can also buy Mascara from Rihanna instead.

Brandon Maxwell

Sometimes a show location already indicates what type of fashion you will expect.This was the case with Brandon Maxwell and the “Doubles Club” on Fifth Avenue, a plush private club, danced and otherwise danced: pink discokugeln, red wallpapered walls, red cushioned chairs, oriental murals and a huge flower knotted Tiger head.The place is crying for a woman who likes to be called a “vamp”, and for such women Maxwell works as a stylist for Lady Gaga.

But also Maxwell-Vamps interpret their style casually.Gigi Hadid opened the show in an ensemble of tight skinny jeans (still there?), A waisted rose-colored jacket and a red halter top.What followed were diverse interpretations of this uniform of a young millionaire gattin from the American West: tube dresses in bright colors, trousers in croco-optics, tubetops and blouse dresses with floor-length train.Eye-catching tribute to the celebrated Las Vegas glamor: the large earrings in parrot and zebra form.

As Brandon Maxwell whistles to current trends and celebrates instead the uncompromisingly the look of which he is convinced, also convinces his audience.And the look of Karlie Kloss in a wedding dress made of mohair sweater and a skirt with the diameter of a church bell can be just happy.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott is celebrating his birthday and is hitting his best friends around, Paris and Nicky Hilton for example. They held the photographers at the Spring Studios on Friday evening, before Scott’s actual jubilee show began. For 20 years, the man has already made his pop and trash culture-loving thing, and as many fashion insiders find his collections, he is thus successful.

So why change something?Scott preferred himself with a best-of his classics.Comic motifs, snakeskin in pink and yellow, sweatshirts and cargopants and sequins for men.A transparent dress with Swarovski stones?Designing requires courage to wear that as well.But luckily, there are people like Jeremy Scott and Paris Hilton who are endowed with plenty of courage.Otherwise this world would be much too boring.

Tory Burch

The New York weather can be unpredictable, but Tory Burch is not afraid. She presented her new collection in a small city garden right next to the Smithsonian Design Museum and was rewarded with sunshine and a blue sky. Good for the guests, and good for fashion, the Burch’s graphic pattern, warm colors and flowing dresses need a friendly environment to radiate properly.

The artist David Hicks always knew how to create beautiful spaces – the interior designer’s patterns served as the main inspiration for Tory Burch’s new collection. Kaleidoscopic mandala ornaments on silk pants and tops, mosaic pattern on tank top, airy cuboid on dresses. Burch left it with simple, everyday cuts. An accessory, which many designers have in the past, will be found with her in the coming spring: The rolled up blanket.

Ulla Johnson

Romantics are not easy in a city like New York, but Ulla Johnson, who was born in Manhattan, is uncompromisingly fond of her lust for a dreamy wardrobe for delicate city-dwellers.The cut-outs were decorated with flounces, pink skirts fluttered, and even a denim jumpsuit was decorated with loops.Fits well to the mirrored catwalk, decorated with pastel flowers.

Calvin Klein

America is not going through good times, but for Calvin Klein, one of the most American brands at all, it could hardly be better. Thanks to Raf Simons, Chief Creative Officer in the second season, a new inventor of this great company dominates, it is provoked again, tried, dared. Finally, a little excitement prevails on West 39th Street in the Garment Distrcit and the spectators who arrived at the Calvin Klein headquarters on Thursday evening got a lot of feeling.

There were axes and frivolous cheerleader pompons hanging from the ceiling (an installation by Simons-revered artist Sterling Ruby), Christina Ricci, Jake Gyllenhaal, the three main characters from “Moonlight” and “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobbie Brown Line.

Hollywood and the idea of ​​the American (Alb) dream factory also determined the collection of Raf Simons and his creative director Pieter Mulier.America’s stereotypes have been a part of Simons since the first season, but for this collection he concentrated on their ugly side: Horrorfilme.

Gloomy raincoats with hoods reminded of the slaughter uniforms of fictional serial killers, graffitti prints looked like blood splatters, white nightdresses dresses like girlish garb robes.The film inspiration presented Simons to an artist, who was also obsessed with American imagery: Andy Warhol.Various photographs and works of Warhol appeared as prints on different designs, portraits of Dennis Hopper as well as photographs of a car accident.

But Simons knows that the art of horror can also be a lot of fun. The classical 1950s silhouette of the skirt and narrow waist got more edge by the use of tent fabrics, lace dresses were coated with PVC. Cowboy uniforms of satin dressed up ideas that Simons and Mulier had presented in their first collection. Here they appeared in a more extreme, biting context – and they looked a bit more interesting than the first time.

“Fashion tries to conceal the horror and often only takes care of beauty”, says Simons.”But both are part of life.The collection celebrates both themes: it celebrates American life.”

Tom Ford

On Tom Ford , who usually tries new venues and formats almost every season, the city can leave this season, however.On Wednesday night, he spotted his show location on Park Avenue in bright pink light, leaving guests like Julianne Moore, Kim Kardashian and Cindy Crawford in the front row.

Admittedly, “people-watching” is often a little more exciting than “dress-watching” at Ford.But even if the big slit dress times as Gucci past designers are over, the new times bring refreshing news.Pantsuits and blazers for example.Men’s suits are part of the core business of Ford, now his female customers can profit from his flair for cuts and tailoring.The Ford variant of the “Power Suit” consists of pink velvet, denim or white satin.

The shoulders are exaggerated pointed, the pants wide and the dresses, as always, curves deeply engulfed.The 90s were important years for Ford, and their revival inspired him: training suits in metallic silver, orange leather blousons, bathing suits with a belly-necked neckline?Kim Kardashian should write it down on her shopping list.