[Video] OLED – Poster Action in Hamburg

Five students of HAW Hamburg did, which rarely succeeds even real recruiters: your poster emblazoned on 250 Citylights in the Hanseatic City. How to develop a subject actually for a product, that is not even on the market?

More than three months, they have toiled, prevailed in a tough competition. As the five marketing students of the “team 360 degrees” finally to her audience, are the efforts as wiped out. Radiant, present their “big bang”motif for the new Philips Lumiblades-at the press conference and draw the long way from the first briefing up to the finished eye-catcher.

Together with the electronics group, the University of applied sciences (HAW) and Ströer out-of-Home Media AG had advertised a contest for OLEDs-organic light-emitting diodes-. The economical heating panels to allow future completely new ways of lighting. Thin as a blade, they can turn any into a pleasant light source-whether as a spot on the wall or as a feature of furniture, equipment, or facades.

The problem: OLEDs are not yet on the market, so you can speculate about where exactly they are used.

“We were curious what solution would see the students”, says Andreas of head of Philips Germany Wente at the presentation of the winning motif. “Such projects are important for our students”, so marketing Professor Beba of Werner, the supervised the project on pages he HAW.”It means: out of the lecture theatre into practice.”

At the beginning of the period, an excursion in the OLED Development Department at the stand RWTH Aachen, where students infected by the spirit of optimism could make. After all, OLEDs are more than a new lamp – they are a whole new light technology, which brings to light up areas instead of points according to lightinghowto.

Back in Hamburg, the students on the search made for a motive, that indicates the step into a new era. “We had to find something that arouses 1.7 seconds emotions and interest”, said Carsten Meister of the “team 360 degrees”.

As long a Citylight is perceived on average. The students asked friends and acquaintances what they associate with light”, so master. The result was clear: with light, people combine warmth and life. “And because the OLEDs are a brand new start, was the idea to show the big bang on the hand.”. Finally, this is the beginning of all life. “Then doubts us”, so master.

The first idea might really the best? The team was also in other directions, has developed alternative concepts and motifs. At the end of the trip, they were back at the beginning: in the big bang.

Finally, the Group on the graphic design of their idea is made. A task that was also new territory for them. “I have learned the skills of Photoshop me with the help of tutorials on YouTube”, says Carsten Meister. 100 hours he needed for the implementation and admits: “It was a quite cramp.”

He has geloht himself: of every third Hamburg Citylight exudes the homemade big bang. “A great feeling”, as the group is agreed. And more than that: surveys show that assumes majority of passersby on the poster – and remembers his message even. Also do not each recruiter immediately.

What are OLEDs? OLEDs are 1.8 mm-thin light sources that emit their light diffusely over the entire surface. Since she does not dazzle in contrast to conventional point light source and make less harsh shadows, they are very comfortable for the user. Due to these properties and the quality of its light, OLEDs offer new possibilities in lighting design as well as in the interior design architects and product designers. Philips’s OLED technology leads the product name Lumiblade.