Vintage Inspired Fashion With A Conscience: King Louie

Vintage Inspired Fashion With A Conscience: King Louie

Requesting it in the Newsroom of the vintage Flâneur vintageinspirierter fashion portable well in everyday, so the answer “King Louie”-not for nothing comes certainly as from the gun shot, our Miss Andover man relies much on the Dutch label as a “working Mom” privately. The clothes still are really beautiful, like the cover of issue 16 of the vintage Flâneur proves impressively. What many do not know, is the exciting history and the ethics behind this company. We want to tell you.

Vintage Inspired Fashion With A Conscience: King Louie

On the cover of issue 16 of the vintage Flâneur is a dress from King Louie.

The history of the Vintagelabels King Louie

Already in 1981, Ann Berlips and George Cramer found their company in Amsterdam (they were 22 and 26 years old at the time). As real Vintagefans are you looking for vintage clothes and sell them very successfully on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. To do this, they have even part-time jobs and study both. Their concept works so well that clothing stocks soon no longer suits at Ann in the attic. So Ann and George open their first shop in Amsterdam in 1983 and call him “Exota”, after a 50-year lemonade brand. There, they sell a colorful mix of clothing, second hand pieces and your own designs.

Their self designed clothing arrive, do so well, that George and Ann want to put their own label on the market. To find an appropriate name is not so good, that they call their brand “King Louie” them so easily, like the name of a vintage bowling shirt brand. A black Turtleneck Sweater, cotton is the first draft, which bears this name. These sweaters were worn it 501 and a wide belt in the 80s, all “jazz”, to a Levi-that was so fashionable that’s simply not enough “true vintage” Turtleneck was.

in 1987 the two already set up their own wholesale and the King start other shops selling Louie clothing. The range is extended several years later to the children line Petit Louie-it is of course also vintageinspiriert.

1992 moves to the shop “Exota”-the old shop is now too small. It’s in the Negen Straatjes, which become one of the most beautiful shopping districts of Amsterdam. And there is even today still be found Exota. And not only with a shop, because even this first shop enough soon no longer offers space for the growing collection of King Louie. That’s why opened a second Exota store diagonally opposite the first.

The Internet comes up more and more and King Louie gets his Shop2008. In the old style orders from this be placed within Amsterdam beginning with transport bicycle. And not just here King remembers Louie on old roots: until today – that is to say for more than 30 years-King is Louie still every Monday and Saturday on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. (Under the picture read…)

Sustainability and social commitment at King Louie

And so King Louie grows to this day. This is followed by other collections such as the leather bag collection, vintage sandals and jewelry. There are now to buy the label almost in all of Europe. A lot is George and Ann but until today important and certainly not changed: you want to pay attention to the clothes and the producers and staff. Many of today’s employees are active at King Louie right from the outset.

Also the label only works with manufacturers, which is sure to ensure good working conditions. King Louie that’s why 2015 is the “fair wear Foundation” joined.It is an independent organization that promotes the continuous improvement of working conditions in the clothing industry. This tightly controlled the foundation that the production facilities allow no child labour and not excessively long working hours, and all employees under safe and secure conditions.When travelling to Turkey and Asia, the label convinced you every year even by the circumstances.King Louies largest supplier with which the label has been working for over 20 years together, is a manufacturer, whose Inhaberin advocating equal rights for women for years.

It should also continue in this direction. 10% of clothing by King Louie currently have a GOTS certification (i.e. global organic textile standard).This means that the clothing due to organic fibers and appropriate production methods is completely sustainable. Dresses made of recycled polyester, which are made from old PET bottles are also, brand new. Impressive, or? (Under the picture read…)

The vintage Flâneur opinion

We had the luck to run George Berlin fashion week – one on the way and so we can chat under the covers, that he is a very nice and affable man with style-safe appearance at all success. To do this we find exemplary, to engage so much for better conditions in the fashion industry. Accordingly we place this colorful, vintageinspirierte label with a real history and ethical background you like and with a clear conscience at the heart. And you, dear reader, should even stay in Amsterdam: check out necessarily in the Negen Straatjes and Exota shops, the shops alone offer you quite a lot wonderful. But to do so it is true that the whole area is beautiful and there experienced Amsterdam at its best.