Vodafone Easy, The New Rate Prepaid without Obligations and with Calls to 6 Cents/Min

Currently it seems that they few operators who are interested by the customers of lower consumption, that they do not need a mobile data connection and usually opt for prepaid options, establishing a series of minimum consumption or weekly or monthly fees even in the prepaid rates.

But since that niche of customers is pretty abandoned Vodafone has opted to return to bet strong on it with the upcoming release of Vodafone easy, a new fee prepaid very simple, with a single price for calls and without obligations of charges or minimum consumption.

The price of national calls with Vodafone easy will be of six cents per minute more 0.18 euros of call set-up, without distinction of schedules or destinations. In addition there is no charges or minimum consumption status and is given the option of contracting data bonus at any time of 300 MB by five euros per month.

The marketing This rate will begin next Tuesday 1 April and as expected it will accompany you a series of simple terminals. Among them you will find phones geared for seniors as the Alcatel 20.00 or Samsung C3590 or phone easy and ready to use as the E1200 Samsung or Nokia 113.

Therefore Vodafone easy we are an attractive rate for those who make a very sporadic use of your mobile phone or they are more than calls to call, with a price per minute reasonable for a fee without any tie.