Vodafone Is Offering a Free Book Each Month to Users of Line 2 of The Metro De Madrid

If you are one of those who often travel in metro in Madrid and also passionate about reading, a new initiative which this morning announced Vodafone will please you. Through the application Vodafone L2 (at the moment will be released for Android and iOS), and whenever you travel on line 2 of the metro, you can download a new ebook every month.

It is not necessary for you to be a customer of Vodafone: promotion served to any user of any operator. Simply install the app and, through it, access the download of the book in question. The application works with geolocation and will only allow the download if the user is on line 2 of the metro. Once downloaded, that Yes, the books may be read from anywhere.

To do this, Vodafone has reached an agreement with the publisher Penguin Random House Group and is the operator which will be paid to the Publisher for each download. Here below the list of the books that will be available in the coming months. As of June 1 You can already get the first.

  • June: “The yellow world” (Albert Espinosa)
  • July: “The Cathedral of the sea” (Ildefonso Falcones)
  • August: “The brotherhood of the shroud” (Julia Navarro)
  • September: “The House of the impossible love” (Cristina López Barrio)
  • October: “I’ll give you land” (Chufo Llorens) – descent to confirm
  • November: “The summer of the dead toys” (Toni Hill)