Vodafone Records His Minor Loss of Lines Mobile of The Last Years in The First Quarter of 2014

That network operators are not having in recent years the best results in its history is something we all know. The search for savings and new competitors entered the market, virtual operators, are making the most veteran of the place losing customers every month.

But despite this and with the resounding success of the convergent offers, few virtual can be replicated, we are seeing as the tendency is that both Movistar and Vodafone, operators with greater leakage of customers, which their numbers are less bad. Fact that is demonstrated with the presentation of results for the first quarter of 2014 from Vodafone.

According to the accounts of the operator, which always differ with the data provided by the CNMC by the different ways of posting lines on both sides, in the first three months of 2014 Vodafone Lost 36,000 mobile lines, What is the “best” data of the operator in the past 10 quarters. Total mobile lines of the British base is located at 31 March in 13.466.000, which will be soon be added the 1.3 million lines of ONO.

Numbers in terms of economic figures have not been positive at first glance for Vodafone, incomes fell for the first quarter of 2014 regarding the same from 2013 a 12.6%, but as the number of mobile lines data have a second reading. That percentage is lower with respect to the previous quarters, in which the reduction was a 14.1% and 16.1%.

Fixed business wind aft

Where the numbers if they are completely positive for the operator is fixed business. In the last quarter Vodafone added to their ranks further 73,000 lines of fixed broadband, overcoming this way for the first time the figure of one million ADSL customers. A fact that is clearly driven by the convergent offers, why chose more than half of the new high.

The beginning of the commercialization of the fiber connections in addition to the growth in the number of ADSL customers. Currently Vodafone reaches 276,000 households through deployments with Orange. That figure will grow 7.2 million when the purchase of ONO is definitely closed.

Vodafone will revert to grow in the mobile business soon?

With all these data in hand, it seems that cruise through the desert in the mobile area of Vodafone, which went on to lose more than 100,000 mobile lines per month according to the CNMC, seems to be coming to an end. Can it rests on very slight losses, according to their data between January and March they lost an average of 12,000 lines per month, but even so it would show that It can be that Vodafone has returned to give the key.

In the near future cannot expect a revolution of rates, not so long ago that they were modified, rather we expect one greatest commitment to the convergent rates, with the expansion without pause of the fiber and the integration of ONO in Vodafone, which will open the door for many households.