Vodafone Ruled out The Purchase of More Multichannel and Studying Keep Brand ONO

Since Vodafone are made with ONO settled doubts environment to the future of the latter, which faked even with out a bag, but also the purchase woke up other many questions: What would happen with ONO brand, as its offer would be integrated in Vodafone, which Orange can do to respond to this offensive …

And today El País publishes a interview with Antonio Coimbra, CEO of Vodafone Spain, which clarifies some that another question, how long that have estimated that it will take to integrate ONO in his company, zero interest in the multichannel regional of the North or their repetition in ask for the opening of the fiber of Movistar.

The first question that arose after the official announcement of ONO by Vodafone purchase is if that would be the last large purchase which would wage the British in Spain. In this sense Coimbra has been very clear, ruling out a possible acquisition of Euskaltel, Telecable or R, which operate in areas not covered by ONO but that Vodafone wants to cover with its fiber deployment. As regards the possibility of make Orange with Jazztel Coimbra has eluded to decide.

Increased competition according to Vodafone

Asked about the reduction in the number of competitors in the Spanish telecommunications market from Vodafone they ensure that the opposite is completely. They claim that with ONO in his power creates greater competition, to be able to stand up in better conditions to Movistar and its integrated offering, so far much better than any other operator coverage.

On the process of integration of the Millicom in Vodafone Coimbra expected approval from Brussels in two or three months to begin the process in the summer, which could lead in total a year or two. Now, they do not rule out maintaining brand ONO for services to the home, since they believe that it has a very good image and a high degree of satisfaction among its clients.

To conclude the interview, Coimbra has touched another thorny issue, the position of the workers of ONO in this process. In this sense it has ensured that we will have to optimize the network of shops of the Millicom in addition to adapt them to the image of Vodafone and attention customer is unify. In terms of total employees, ONO has 2500 employees, Coimbra has ensured that the templates are complementary, although there will be overlaps.