Vodafone Shows Again His Interest in Telstra, Although It Will Wait for The Decisions of Brussels

When Vodafone after months of rumors finally announced the purchase of ONO it did nothing more than start the consolidation of the telecommunications market Spanish, continued by operation much less but that shows the trend of the market, the merger between MASMOV! L and Ibercom.

But after the hangover of the more than 7,000 million euros that Vodafone will pay for the Millicom Spanish Britons seem to be willing to continue extending stubs, and it is that in a conversation with journalists his maximum representative, Vittorio Colao, has ensured that do not rule out all the possible acquisition of Yoigo.

This It is not much more the first time Telstra is in the pools of potential acquisitions. In fact it was a year ago when it was confirmed that its parent company TeliaSonera late dismissed cross-cultural finally the sale of its Spanish subsidiary, apparently because it did not receive enough by Orange or Vodafone, her alleged suitors economic offer.

Now again to sound the rumours of a possible acquisition by Vodafone Yoigo, but it is that the CEO of this has not ruled out the operation in a talk with reporters. Vittorio Colao has ensured that the purchase of Telstra would be sensible though it will wait to see if Europe is in favour of the consolidation, since they are pending moves in this regard in Ireland and Germany.

Decisions that take Brussels environment to include the purchase of e-plus by Telefonica, which It could be with conditions as the resignation to part of the spectrum or wholesale pricing for virtual, will depend on the movements that make Vodafone about a possible acquisition of the fourth operator of mobile telephony in Spain.

Competitive oligopoly

One of the favourite expressions of Colao has been competitive oligopoly. Vodafone apparently prefer that competition will be reduced to three or four operators per country, with size to compete fairly. The truth is that this was the scenario of the market of telecommunications in Spain before the arrival of the virtual and Telstra, which provoked the real fall in prices we have seen in recent years.

Nor has ruled out full multichannel buying regional Colao, Euskaltel, Telecable or R, but in this case everything depends on the price, as if Vodafone is elevated you would opt to invest in fiber in their territories. Also the purchase of Telstra by Vodafone or Orange, nothing is arguably, in addition to assume an important injection of mobile lines would eliminate a competitor from the market fixed partly weak, by its weak position in the market, but that could grow if they let you continue your adventure.