Vodafone Will Continue with Its Fiber Deployment, Focusing on Areas without Coverage of ONO

First thing in the morning came the long-awaited news, Vodafone bought ONO for 7,200 million euros. But such confirmation a sea of doubts raised, especially to existing customers of the Millicom, which Vodafone at the press conference that has just taken place has tried to clarify.

The major unknown about the market is what would happen with the agreement that Vodafone signed with rival Orange to share fibre in Spain and is now resolved. The British company will continue with its part of the deployment but it will focus on those areas where coverage of ONO is null.

The deployment of fiber of Vodafone could focus on the one hand in Galicia, Asturias, Basque country and Extremadura, communities without ONO coverage by the presence of other multichannel and his lack of interest for companies in the latter case, in addition to areas of Madrid and Barcelona where ONO has important holes.

Vodafone aims to deploy along with Orange fiber up to three million households, which would reach a total coverage, adding fiber and ONO cable of 10 million homes. A figure that would be therefore more than half of Spanish households and superior to the eight million which is expected to have in Movistar coverage.

Therefore, we can say that the agreement of Vodafone and Orange to share fiber deployments go ahead even if it lowers its goal to half, going from six to three million households to be covered in three years. Significant savings for the first, won’t come you evil after spending 7,200 million euros in ONO, but a problem for the French, who will have to consider a deployment alone or other alternatives to not be outdone.

UPDATE: After be consulted from Orange at the moment they don’t no comments environment to its agreement to deploy fiber with Vodafone.