Vodafone Will Ensure Mobile Repairs in 5 Days with The Service Never without My Mobile

Well-known is that incumbents do not just want to compete on price with the other operators if not wanting to offer an added value with proposals like that today we know in Vodafone through the new service Never without my phone.

Is a new Vodafone commitment with customers that have purchased a smartphone with the operator and who for whatever reason need to send it for repair, the operator will ensure that they will return to have it repaired to pick it up in store within a maximum of five working days (or seven days if you are in the Canary Islands or Ceuta).

For cases in which the mobile not reached on time, the customer may request that your terminal is replaced by another of the same category and new by Vodafone, which will be delivered in the same shop within a period of two working days if you’re in the peninsula.

The terminal’s replacement will be of the same range or range top to the terminal that is delivered for repair but can not be sure brand, model, color, or technical specifications since It is not possible to choose the replacement terminal.

Replacement service is also available for cases in which the original Mobile has some repair cost by paying the same price for his substitute, but not be able to request the replacement when delivered for repair terminal is classified as “irreparable”. If you opt for the replacement of the mobile, the Since new it will maintain the same warranty period that might be remaining on the original model.

We leave you with an infographic on how proceed to repair under warranty of the mobile.