Wall Stickers for Offices Models and Prices

In our times it is very common for someone to spend more time at the Office than at home. This in itself is reason enough that your workplace is cozy, providing a pleasant space where play their professional roles.

Many times that white wall facing you is so clean that it does. Or so the relaxed atmosphere that you want is not hit with paint and brush. For these cases, there are the wall stickers for offices, in the most varied ways, options and prices.

The stickers of the Artefix (Av Washington Luis, 4523-Jd. Airport–São Paulo/SP–Tel: 11 5098-3434) are practical and multifunctional. Facades to small decorative panels, there’s always a smart solution and tasteful. Market leader (Until adhesive manufacturing plant by the Artefix planes fly around), provides estimates on request.

Already in Commerce on the internet you find styles, colors and prices.

In Modern Wall, prices vary depending on the square footage of office wall sticker that you enjoy, sending through the post office to any Brazil city. A little Crow goes for R $23.00, while the larger stickers, as the standard Frame of Lilies reach R $131.00.

The Cazulo, good options in several styles. There super cool stickers for your even phone you can find. The Pines is on sale, by R $56.00.

Monochrome standards already, simpler but no less functional, are sold by Sonalyzando. The 100 x 50 cm stickers are on sale for only $ $29.00, and you still get free the spatula to help you install your patches to Office, is on the wall, in a file or in your room partition.

If you plan to extend your creativity for other environments of your Office, then the line of wall stickers of GF Visual communication has very attractive prices, beginning in R $10.00.

Variety of shapes, colors and styles exist. As well as the wall stickers for Office need not be only used for the walls, there are numerous other surfaces that serve as a basis for your imagination, like for example that transparent glass door where always occur the most unsuspecting hustles. That’s right, even for security reasons you can be creative. Paste a nice sticker on the doors and avoid accidents.

A company that works with different projects, where artists produce stickers for all purposes, with extreme good taste, is the Gecko. Gecko Wall design develops, where guest artists create images that will be future wall stickers, each year with a different theme. In the year 2010, the theme was “around the world without leaving the Place”, from which they chose artists 30 cities around the world to represent.

The prices of works in are adhesive on the company website.

Finally, we have the traditional Tok & Stok, which sells vinyl wall stickers to suit all tastes and pockets.

Creativity and good taste can create a perfect working environment for you, no mess and no need to hire the services of a painter. Just for the works, calling their office mates to help him give that special touch to the Office wall stickers. Suddenly you create sets and on each wall, a different image you surprised.