West Virginia Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Eastern USA, 62,759 km², 1,818,470 residents (2006 estimate), 29 residents/km², capital: Charleston. Borders: Pennsylvania (N), Maryland (NE), Ohio (NW), Virginia (E, S), Kentucky (SW).

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State Overview

The territory has an almost rounded shape, with two prominences (panhandles), which go to E (Eastern Panhandle) and N (Northern Panhandle); mainly mountainous (Spruce Knob, 1482 m), it is largely made up of the Allegheny Plateau, crossed in the NE-SW direction by long mountain ridges. The Eastern Panhandle is separated from the main body of the territory by the Allegheny Mountains, E of which stretches the Great Appalachian Valley, limited to E by the Blue Ridge. The major rivers are Ohio, the Potomac, Big Sandy, Kanawha and Monongahela. In the seventies of the twentieth century, in view of serious employment problems, support plans for industry were launched, which promoted investments in the mechanical and chemical sectors, while aimed at consolidating the more mature sectors (metallurgical, glass, food, wood). and building materials). The role of agriculture (cereals, fruit, potatoes, fodder) and breeding (cattle, sheep, poultry) are fairly good. The exploitation of forests and subsoil is important (coal, oil, natural gas, rock salt); the industry is developed in the food, engineering, chemical, plastics and glass sectors. Major cities, in addition to the capital, are Huntington, Wheeling and Parkersburg.

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The state of West Virginia was formed following the detachment of its western part from Virginia, whose citizens in 1861 ruled against the secession order. The territory that later became West Virginia had been colonized, starting from 1750, by men of the “frontier”, who descended from the Allegheny to the Ohio valley and settled there, creating a prosperous agricultural economy. Since the beginning of the American Union, the territory had nourished autonomistic aspirations fueled by divergences of concrete interests compared to the rest of the state. It also influenced a certain neglect of the Virginian government towards the western part. The new state was admitted to the Union in 1863.

Below you will see top cities in West Virginia.


City ​​(33,900 residents) of the State of West Virginia (USA), 110 km N of Charleston, 190 m at the confluence of Little Kanawha in Ohio, on the border with Ohio. Road and railway junction and river port, it is an important agricultural and livestock market and home to the metal, mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, paper, glass, food, textile, electrotechnical, tobacco and footwear industries. Nearby, coal, natural gas and oil fields. Airport.


City ​​(34,900 residents) of the State of West Virginia (USA), 80 km to the WSW of Pittsburgh, 210 m on the left of the Ohio River. Located near coal and natural gas fields, it is home to iron and steel, metalworking, pharmaceutical, glass, tobacco, food and electrical engineering industries. Airport.


City ​​(63,700 residents) of the State of West Virginia (USA), 70 km W of Charleston, 170 m on the left of the Ohio River, which here forms the border with the State of Ohio. Main city of the state, it is a river port and railway junction and an active agricultural market (tobacco, fruit), also home to the iron and steel, chemical, textile, electrical engineering, glass, footwear, tobacco and clothing industries; near, deposits of coal, oil and natural gas. Airport. Marshall University (1837).

Charleston (West Virginia)

City ​​(64,000 residents) and capital of the State of West Virginia (USA), located at the confluence of the Elk River with the Kanawha River, at the western slopes of the Allegheny Mountains. Road and rail junction, in a rich mining region, is home to the chemical, engineering, rubber, wood and paper industries. Airport.

W. Va. – Huntington Human Relations Commission

West Virginia office outlines steps for victims of housing discrimination. Employ contact information to request help or additional details.

Website: http://huntington.fairhousing.com/

W. Va. – Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law

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W. Va. – Resources for Renters

West Virginians can check for assistance and information from resources homed in this directory geared toward renting property in the state.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/west_virginia.html

W. Va. – Rights of a Renter – Get it in Writing

Scroll through a compendium of succinct, tutorial blurbs provided by the W. Va. Bar Association to locate its suggestions about tenant rights.

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W. Va. – State of West Virginia Eviction Law

Tenants and eviction victims can check the legality of landlord actions with this statutory text outlining proper procedures, rights and duties.

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West Virginia Tenant-Landlord Law

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