What Quantifier To Buy To Get In Shape: Shopping Guide

You’re already late for the bikini operation this summer. But starting to move and do some exercise in a moderate but continuous way is in your hand. Maybe you already do it and you want to begin to seriously measure all your daily activity. Or become passionate about the data in every sport you do. In all these cases there is a common denominator: the wearable activity meter.

With a catalog of wearables quantifiers that never stop growing and devices that, without being exclusively activity meters, have that capacity among their specifications, choosing a quantifier bracelet is a more complicated task each day. At Ehotelat.com we already have our 2016 guide to buy a wearable activity meter.

Why Choose An Activity Meter

I have lived a quantified life for more than three years. I already told you my experience and after all this time I maintain the basis of my conviction that an activity meter can help you to be more active in your day to day.

Virtual marking a goal and have the appropriate technology to measure that activity, activate reminders or have an application in a good history of steps, calories or even sleep is something to be grateful for. You do not need a quantifier to be more active, but many users can help them take that final step and finally get the motivation that without technology just did not achieve.

Among the possibilities that gives us an activity meter are the power to create a program and track weight loss, compete with other friends or acquaintances, as well as more efficiently manage our sleep and rest.

Activity Quantifiers: What You Should Look Into Them

Not only of price lives a quantifier. If your only goal is to start measuring your daily activity in the form of steps and perhaps the dream, it may be a good option to think about buying the most affordable. But in the long run you will start to miss other functions or a level of software and application for more complete smartphone.

As much as the price of a quantifier is reduced, you should not leave the decision exclusively in that aspect if you want to truly take advantage of a quantifier

Among the considerations that you have to value before choosing a quantifier would put first the specialization and the comfort. Be clear about your goal with the physical activity meter. If you are looking for a model that allows you to receive notifications by way of smartwatch or one that measures pulsations, or perhaps the one that seems less like a quantifier, there is already an important discard of models with these priorities.

The theme of comfort is another key to choosing quantifier. Keep in mind that an activity meter is going to take you all the time, maybe even when you sleep.That it is comfortable, that you do not notice that you are wearing it is fundamental.And if you really do not want to take it off, something to thank for never forget, look well the water resistance (unless you support splashes for the shower). There are even models that allow you to exchange straps depending on the type of activity or use you want to give at any time to the quantifier.

The autonomy section is perhaps the most important for a satisfactory experience with a quantifier. If you need to recharge it every other day, it is quite likely that it will end up in a drawer or forgotten one day, which makes consistency in carrying the activity meter to track the data will go awry. Attention also to the charging system because in many models is proprietary and forget or lose the charger is not crazy.

Although there are fewer incompatibilities between operating systems or connectivity every day, check with caution that your regular smartphone can synchronize all the time thanks to BT 4.0 . If you have an older smartphone might be a problem.

The quality of the application and for what the data that our bracelet collects every day are used already have the same relevance when choosing a bracelet of activity that the technical specifications or the design

Finally, and even if you opt for a model with screen that serves as a clock (it is a not so obvious and that can end up convincing) or to gossip at all times your progress, do not underestimate the application or who is behind the data Which is compiling your activity meter. That the data collected add to the experience and do not stay in simple numbers will have much of the success or failure of your experience with an activity meter.

The 15 Best Quantifiable Wearables You Can Buy

Four years ago, we had hardly a couple of really relevant quantification teams on the market. But in 2013 there was the boom of different models and since last year the quantity, quality and options to choose is overwhelming.

It is very difficult not to say impossible that with the current offer you do not find a model that fits quite accurately to what you look for in a wearable quantifier. But there is still no perfect model.

At Xataka we have selected the 15 best models according to what they are able to offer, our experience proving them and taking care of the greatest variety possible so that right guessing when choosing an activity bracelet is not as complicated as you might think.

The Cheapest Ones

The queen of cheap activity bracelets is undoubtedly Xiaomi. Their first modelsswept and put the company in the top3 of manufacturers that more devices of this type sold.

Its new model MiBand2 improves on almost everything but also increases its price: better design, OLED screen or resistance to water and dirt.