What to See in Singapore


Singapore is a monument of urban art, where everything is done according to a pre-planned plan. There are many interesting things to see in the city. Its ethnic districts – Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India – are the owners of the richest national, cultural and historical heritage. In Singapore, you can also visit interesting museums, walk through numerous parks and visit a unique zoo.

Cruise on the Singapore

River The first settlers settled on the banks of this river. They lived in a poor fishing village, gradually growing and now turned into a major port. For a walk, you can choose a cruise with dinner, or just take a ride on a traditional “antique” ship.┬áCheck top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Singapore.

“Eastern Express”

“Orient Express” is the name of the train that runs 3 times a month between Singapore and Bangkok. It departs from Singapore Thanyong Pagar Railway Station. This train allows you not only and not so much to travel comfortably from one point to another, but gives you the opportunity to make an exciting journey and get acquainted with the most interesting sights along the way. The route of the express passes through Malaysia, it is 1200 km long and takes 3 days to travel. The train makes stops in the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth (Malaysia), Hua Hin (Thailand), on the River Kwai (Thailand), each of which organizes excursions. Inside the express, everything is finished with elite types of wood, bronze details and accessories are everywhere, the furniture is upholstered in silk. It has 3 coupe categories: Superior, State, Presidental. All compartments are double, with air conditioning, shower and toilet. During the trip, tourists enjoy excellent cuisine and excellent service. The train has an open observation deck from which you can admire the floating beauty of the surrounding nature.


The name Sentosa is translated as “an island of tranquility”, and it fully justifies this name. The island is located south of Singapore. It can be reached by ferry, bridge or cable car. Sentosa offers entertainment for all tastes – from walking among the lush tropical greenery and water activities to exploring the historical and cultural heritage. Once on the island, you will see the newly built Sky Tower (Sky Tower) – a glazed rotating observation deck, ascending to a height of 135 meters, from where you can admire Sentosa, the surrounding islands and the silhouettes of the city on the horizon from a bird’s eye view. One of the main attractions of the island is Asia’s largest oceanarium “Underwater World”, which is home to more than 6,000 marine animals, including about 350 species of marine fish. It is a tunnel under water with glass walls. Inside moves a track 83 m long, standing on which you can safely admire the dangerous inhabitants of the Indian Ocean – sharks, rays, piranhas, electric eels. Also in the oceanarium there are aquariums with a wide variety of fish and marine animals, as well as a special pool where visitors can touch the marine life. On Sentosa, it is worth visiting the Flower Terrace and the Spice Garden; Butterfly and Insect Park; garden with the performance of musical fountains among luxurious flowers and plants; Fort Siliso, which is a real fortress with tunnels and bunkers; Asian Village – an attraction that offers a reconstruction of the villages of all the peoples of Asia, each of which hosts its own cultural show, souvenir shops and small restaurants; an aqua park with 32 water slides, 3 pools and other water activities. The museums of the island are interesting – this is the Museum of Terracotta Warriors, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Rare Stones, the Wax Museum “Pioneers of Singapore”, which introduces visitors to the history of the island-state. All automobile traffic is prohibited on Sentosa, only special tourist buses run here, but more than 50 km of walking and cycling paths are laid here.

The island has created opportunities for a beach holiday. Its beaches of imported white sand stretch for 3 km. They provide opportunities for practicing a variety of water sports. You can stay at a campsite, a hotel or a luxury hotel.

Pulau Ubin Pulau Ubin

Island, off the northeast coast of the main island. Here, among the Kelong fishing villages and palm-fringed desert shores, lie a few tiny temples. The main attractions of the island are many colorful restaurants with seafood, as well as marine plantations and original wildlife.

Semaku Island

Located near Singapore, Semaku Island looks no different from another tropical island – rich vegetation pleases the eye, many animals live here, there are 55 species of birds alone. However, it is unique – at its base lies 63 million cubic meters of garbage. Garbage falls into special cells, closed from above with a thick plastic membrane. A layer of fertile soil is poured over the garbage leveled with plastic. According to the calculations of engineers, the island can serve as a “Singapore landfill” until 2045. Semaku attracts many tourists. You can get to it by ferry.

Southern islands

Although many of the southern islands are used as industrial bases, some of them are of particular interest. The Sister Islands are good for swimming and have real coral reefs that make them attractive for diving. The islands of Lazarus Island (Pulau-Sakijang-Pelepa), Pulau-Buran-Darat, Terumba-Retan-Laut and Pulau-Renggit are widely known as centers of active and “wild” recreation. There are also good conditions for yachting and windsurfing, especially during the monsoon period.

While in Singapore, you can visit Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

What to See in Singapore

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