What to See in Tunisia

According to top-medical-schools, African countries attract tourists with a warm climate, exotic nature and a variety of attractions, so in order to soberly decide where it is better to relax in Tunisia, it is important to understand what you expect from your vacation.

You can go on a comfortable beach holiday in Hammamet, visit Monastir with its inexhaustible supply of places for excursions. Book a tour to Port El Kantaoui so that you can enjoy your vacation by the sea without missing a minute of your vacation time.

We will tell you where it is better to relax in Tunisia in the hot summer, and where it is more profitable to stay in the off-season. We’ll show you which cities offer interesting programs for couples with children, discover the secrets of exotic local cuisine and offer you fresh ideas of what to bring as a souvenir.

Where to go in Tunisia and what to see

If you dream of traveling around the cities of the maritime country, going on an excursion to Carthage, Douggi, Medina, where you can personally appreciate the merits of each region, it is better to relax in Tunisia in January (when prices are the lowest). Or in April, when there are still few tourists, and the air temperature is not too hot for long trips.

In the beach season from May to November in the Monastery and Hammamet, where it is better to go to Tunisia with children, you will find a warm sea, sandy beaches and tours to the Sahara. But in Sousse, on the island of Djerba, we advise young people to go, where there are many discos, sea excursions.

Where to relax in Tunisia: the best resorts

The resorts of this North African country are distinguished by the quality of beaches, the number of tourists, and entertainment offers, so we offer an overview of places where to go to the sea in Tunisia with the whole family, and where it is better to relax without children.


The “city of gardens” with green groves of oranges and olives attracts tourists with a relaxing holiday. This is one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia, where it is better to relax with children, the elderly. The beaches in this region are clean, with fine sand.

Hammamet is famous for its unique architecture, so an extensive excursion program is provided for you here: take a walk through the old part of the city, take the children to the water park or the zoo.


Djerba Island will appeal to freedom-loving travelers who want to go to Tunisia on their own, see the beautiful nature framed by the azure sea, spend a romantic vacation and even enjoy the fresh fruits of local fruit trees.


Monastir, where it is better to meet sunsets on the seashore, not only in the midst of a summer vacation, but also in October in Tunisia, attracts romantics, couples. This small town is set by local architecture, so when you come here, you should definitely visit the Congress Palace, the mausoleum, and in the evening take a walk along the embankment, spend time in a cozy restaurant, tasting unusual dishes.


Youth holidays in Tunisia are offered by the tourist city of Sousse, where a big company should go. There are many nightclubs and recreation centers open here.

For young people in Tunisia, it is best to relax in Sousse in the summer: there is entertainment for every taste and budget – from boat trips to outdoor activities in Hergla park, from visits to thalassotherapy centers to walks along the old streets.


Nabeul is a visiting card of all the cities of Tunisia, where it is better to relax on the sea. You won’t want to leave the cleanest beaches with well-heated water even for a minute! In this region, you can profitably organize a vacation for both a stern father who loves extreme hunting and for a beautiful mother who will appreciate the excellent dishes of national cuisine in local restaurants.


Do you want a real extreme? The ancient port of Tabarka, a place where travelers recommend to go to Tunisia both in high season and in November. The region is famous for its beautiful coral reef, which, like a magnet, attracts divers from all over the world. The beautiful underwater world is favorably emphasized by the local nature and architecture: the tourist will remember the combination of mountains, hills, sandy beaches and outlandish buildings.


If you are looking for a place for solitude, a quiet family vacation by the sea, we suggest going to the youngest resort in Tunisia – Mahdia, because there is something to see and where it is interesting to spend time with your family. There are many new hotels in the town, where to go to rest is a little more expensive than other tourist centers in Tunisia, but the overpriced price is justified by quality service and comfort.

Transport: how to get there and how to move around the country

There are 4 airports in the country, which are favorably located near areas where it is better to relax in Tunisia. Most often, tourists prefer Tunis-Carthage and Enfidha-Hammamet, but if you want to save on transfers or avoid traveling through unfamiliar areas on public transport, you can buy a ticket for direct flights to Monastir during the high season. The cheapest flights are with transfers, but experienced tourists can use this opportunity to see Istanbul along the way, organize a small trip around Europe (walk around Prague, spend an evening in Paris).

The transport map of the country is well developed, major cities are connected by rail, and all trains are fast and comfortable. Such a bonus will appeal to tourists who do not want to limit themselves to excursions and beach holidays in one area. In addition, ticket prices are affordable.

The choice of urban transport depends on your personal preferences – budget travelers can use the tram, bus, taxi, and in some cities – the metro, and for those who value personal freedom, we recommend renting a car (preferably an SUV, because only in such a car you can go to desert).

Cuisine: what to try

Food in Tunisia is always hearty, portions in cafes and restaurants are large. The abundance of local dishes has a special flavor. Mediterranean seafood that you could find on the menu when you go to the sea in Turkey, Spain, in Tunisia are skillfully combined with fragrant (! Beware, almost all the spices here are very spicy) seasonings and cereals. We recommend trying tuna dishes (kaskrut, brik), vegetable dishes (interfering, shakshuka), couscous.

Last Minute Hotels in Tunisia

Get last-minute tours to Sousse, where holidays in Tunisia are cheaper than in Hammamet or Tabarka. There are many cheap all-inclusive hotels here, so you won’t have to overpay for meals. You can inexpensively book a last-minute tour to Mahdia, the quietest and safest place where it is comfortable to relax in Tunisia with children.

What to bring from Tunisia

Souvenir shops in the resort towns of Tunisia offer a rich selection of ceramics, leather and textiles, local musical instruments, exotic fruits and sweets.

Please note that each region is famous for its particular handicrafts or works of art, so this type of product may not always be available in other resort areas. Here is a short list of things that we recommend bringing from Tunisia:

  1. pottery (jugs, plates, cutlery sets) from the city of Nabeul and the village of Gellala;
  2. carpets (expensive, but very spectacular “trophy” from the trip), the best products are made in Kairouan;
  3. natural olive soap from Hammamet;
  4. a traditional local musical instrument – a darbuku drum (often they are decorated with abstract drawings, images of African deities), such a souvenir can be bought in souvenir shops in almost all tourist centers;
  5. dates, halva, local alcohol and spices – be careful with such souvenirs and consider the quantity, because the country has clear restrictions on their export without duty.

What to See in Tunisia

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