What We Expect from The Google I/O 2016: Android N, VR, Google Play in Chrome OS, Home Automation and More

Update: Today from 19.00 (Pacific time) finally start the developer event Google I/O. From Engadget we’ll tell you all live through our direct and our Twitter page.

Live broadcast:

  • Google I/O 2016 – Keynote
  • Google I/O 2016 – Keynote at 360 °

Missing less to get it to boot the Google Developer event most important of the year. Of the 18-20 may We will know all the innovations that the parents of Android we have prepared the Google I/O 2016.

Wednesday, may 18 at 10:00 AM PDT in San Francisco (19:00 PM CEST on Spain) will take place its expected Conference of two hours duration where Google will review of developments in its products and projects. Then we do a review of What we expect from this I/o 2016:

Android N and the multi-view

Android is the main protagonist of the Google I/o 2016 while it was already released last March. Next Wednesday, Google will make a detailed review of major updates to the next version of the operating system such as split-screen, the multi-view, rapid response notifications or grouped notifications. Google is launching the new version during the Google I/O * Android N Developer Preview 3 *

Most expected is the official announcement of the new interface based on windows that will bring Android to the operating system desktop and convergence with Chrome OS.

Google Play in Chrome OS

If Android is accerca to Chrome OS adding the multi-view Chrome OS will be close to Android by adding compatibility with applications and games of Google Play. The Chromebooks will have access to more than one million applications and games of Google Play.

Google Now news

Each year Google browser and Google Now receive their ration of novelties. If last year was Now on Tap for this year is expected to see the functions that recently Google released IOS with the Gboard keypad so that we can Search and share results without having to exit the application we are using.

Virtual reality: Android VR and Cardboard

The virtual reality It will also be the center of attention of the 2016 I/O. Are expected to meet a new generation of the Cardboard and the official announcement of the new virtual reality glasses Android VR It shall be fully independent to your mobile phone and computer.

RCS messaging client

During this Google I/O 2016 it is possible to see the new Messenger client that Google has created together with operators from around the world to unseat WhatsApp. It’s probably a new version of Google Messenger with the standard RCS support.

Google Cast and Android TV

During the Google I/O 2016 know innovations and future of Google Cast y Android TV, the two proposals for Google to conquer half the world classroom.

Project Tango

Project Tango very soon cease to be a project to be one product of Google. Lenovo will present on June 9 the first commercial mobile with these 3D sensors but we can not rule out to during the Google I/O 2016 does not make Act of presence.

Android Pay

Google mobile payment platform will announce his arrival to new countries in the coming months. In the United Kingdom and Australia release of Android Pay is imminent.

Android Wear and Android Auto

Google us be abreast of their plans for the future on their watches Android Wear and cars with Android Auto. New features are expected.

Android One

Other surprises that we find in the 2016 I/O is more information about the change of course of Android One. It seems that Google will be encouraged to bring more models to more developers countries and developing.

Google Play Awards

During the Google I/O 2016 will be held for the first time the new awards ceremony Google Play Awards. It will take place on May 19 and jury consisting of members of Google Play will reward the best apps and games for Android.

Google Home

Google increasingly takes more seriously the Home Automation. This year will be able to surprise with “Chirp”, a new generation of routers OnHub with integrated Assistant Google Now to compete against the Echo Amazon that would be part of the new platform Google Home whereby the company would try to conquer our home. Also expected the new advances of Brightness, Weave and their beacons Eddystone.