Will Able to Nokia Regain Lost Ground Be in The Difficult Market Android?

The return of Nokia mobile devices market is the news of the day. The Finnish mark will return to the sale of mobile and tablets thanks Foxconn International Holdings. Make it betting by Android.

The return of Nokia It is possible thanks to the Microsoft has sold its division of simple phones to Foxconn and to that Nokia is going to license its brand to Foxconn. Under this agreement is born the new Finnish company Global HMD which will be responsible for launching new mobile and tablets of brand Nokia.

There is gap in the market for the new Nokia?

That the mark Nokia reconnect the mobile device market is all good news, is never late and never too many manufacturers. We are in a market in which are constantly emerging new brands that it called the attention of consumers. Nokia will have the advantage of being a very well-known and beloved brand but now you will have the daunting mission of rising from the ashes because it is forgotten. No one question already in stores the new Nokia.

Global HMD will invest $ 500 million the next three years to revitalize the image of the brand Nokia, and if they do well in a few years they will put Nokia among the first manufacturers.

Although it appears that the Android market is already saturated with virtually identical to similar prices devices of different brands, there is always a small room for manoeuvre. Nokia should learn from the stage of Motorola by Google Company, in less than two years Google buoyed with great success to the American manufacturer that now seems to be deflated in the hands of Lenovo.

For money

Yes Nokia want to recover lost ground has to bet on safe, launch mobile devices and tablets with a relationship of very tight for money and care design and quality of their devices, and above all, the Android updates. Enter input range and mid-range devices of between 100 and 200 euros would be the wiser by the great demand that there is. Although this market is already very crowded really there are many models that take care of their support in the updates, only the Motorola and little more.

Android One?

A good boost for the new Nokia It would be released in the market in the hands of Google launching a Android One input range or average. We would have a mobile manufactured by Foxconn, the mark of Nokia and Google updates.

You should avoid Nokia is in excess to customize the interface of Android, because that will make you delayed updates, so the ideal is to bet on the purest version of Android but that then not you much margin of innovation.

Advertising campaign

Even though remove a perfect mobile not be sold if not bet on a strong ad campaign. If they throw very good mobile devices and well spend 500 million dollars in advertising then to Nokia should not you cost a lot recover lost ground. Motorola regained it three years ago.


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