Wisconsin Tenant-Landlord Law

Northern U.S. federated state, 145,436 km², 5,556,506 residents (2006 estimate), 38 inhabitants / km², capital: Madison. Borders: Michigan (N, E), Illinois (S), Iowa (SW), Minnesota (W). “See geographical map vol. 22, page 497” “For the geographical map see the lemma of the 20th volume.”

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Federated state in the Great Lakes region. The territory is mainly undulating and hilly and almost everywhere traces of the Quaternary glaciation are evident, which affected the region with intense erosion, over- excavation and deposit. There are numerous lakes, especially in the northern and eastern sectors, where the largest lake basin opens, that of Winnebago, NE of which lies the long and slender Peninsula of Door, which separates Green Bay from the main nucleus of Lake Michigan. Except for the extreme northern edge and the north-eastern sector, tributaries of the San Lorenzo through Lake Superior and Michigan respectively, the rest of the territory is crossed by Mississippi, which flows to the southwestern border of the state, through the rivers Saint Croix, Chippewa, Black, Wisconsin and Rock. Wisconsin bases its economy on the tertiary and industries (food, engineering, electrical engineering, paper, furniture, tanning and footwear). Agriculture, breeding and exploitation of the forest and subsoil play a significant role.

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Originally, from 1671, belonging to France, it became a British possession in 1763, after the Seven Years’ War. Formally ceded to the USA in 1783, it actually remained under British rule until the war of 1812-14. Lead mines and the fur trade, monopolized by the American Fur Company, remained for a long time the main reasons of interest for the colonization of this territory. The American penetration of the rest was long opposed by the tenacious resistance of the Indians. Wisconsin was the scene of the war against Black Hawk (1832). Organized as a territory in 1836, at the end of the Indian wars, it was admitted to the Union in 1848. Strongly anti-slavery, during the civil war he fought under the flags of the Union.

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City ​​(209,306 residents in 1998) and capital of the State of Wisconsin (USA), 120 km W of Milwaukee, 260 m between the Mendota and Monona lakes. Road and railway junction, it is the agricultural market and home to the mechanical, chemical, textile and clothing industries. University of Wisconsin (1848).

Green Bay

City ​​(87,900 residents) of the State of Wisconsin (USA), 200 km NE of Madison, located 180 m at the mouth of the Fox River in Green Bay, a deep inlet on the northwestern shore of Lake Michigan. An important road, rail and river communication hub, it is home to the mechanical, iron and steel, paper, furniture and food industries. Airport.

Wis. – Chapter 704

Chapter titled Landlord and Tenant, outlines the rules of law for the leasing relationship. Link to the texts, and find legislative histories.

Website: http://folio.legis.state.wi.us/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?clientID

Wis. – Rental Housing Information

Check landlord-tenant, environmental, security deposit, eviction or other related, rental laws, or link to pertinent resources.

Website: http://cses.com/RENTAL/wisconsin.htm

Wis. – Resources for Renters

Harbors agencies, guides and articles spotlighting landlord and tenant relationships in Wisconsin. Visit the links, and procure contact data.

Website: http://directory.tenantsunion.org/wisconsin.html

Wis. – Tenant Resource Center

Topics covered in this hub of Wisconsin rental law info include discrimination, eviction, repairs, roommates, subletting and security deposits.

Website: http://trc.studentorg.wisc.edu/

Wis. – Tenants Rights’ and Responsibilities

W. Bend Police Dept. exhibits this guide explaining rights and duties that arise from tenancy status. Discusses conflicts, and has contact data.

Website: http://www.ci.west-bend.wi.us/cops/tenants.htm

Wis. – WisBar Consumer’s Guide to Wisconsin Law

Scroll through the various topics covered in this informational guide from the Wisconsin Bar, to locate a primer on tenant and rental rights.

Website: http://www.wisbar.org/bar/pxcongd4c.html#landlord

Wisconsin Tenant-Landlord Law

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