Zeaplus Seawatch G2 Smart Watch

Although quite commentators to appearance of smart watch Apple’s Watch, creation of famed American giant has already won several design awards. Knowing the battle against Apple’s plagiarisms, we can determine that even without such distinctions, Apple Watch will become a model for copying by Chinese corporations have. We’ve already seen several low-quality imitations (for example AW08 look at Google), but will now introduce a better replica.

Zeaplus Watch of Zeaplus is smart (we’ll see how on Vaultedwatches.com) clock, whose appearance says everything you need. So more interesting would be the technical characteristics. Full details have not yet been presented, but so far it is clear that the device will support SIM cards, which will allow making calls without the need for connected phone. There is compatibility with operating systems Android and iOS. An interesting addition is a built-in camera (2MP), but on the back of the casing, which means it will require downloading the widget by hand to a picture (perhaps video). Promised sensors are currently pedometer sensor and heart rate, but may be available and others. Zeaplus Watch will be before only in a version of the aluminum body (Apple Watch offers 3 collections with different housings of different materials), but in 3 colors (silver, gray and gold). There is also some protection from water, but specific rating is not yet understood.

A Copy of the Apple Watch

The start of sales of Zeaplus Watch will happen in mid-April. Prices will be announced in the coming days, but certainly will be more tolerable than those of Apple Watch. The Chinese manufacturer (or perhaps “rebranding” dealer) is now offering the Zeaplus Watch G2 (about $ 69 US dollars), whose appearance was inspired (1: 1) of Samsung Gear 2. A pleasant surprise is the fact that the company has representation Zeaplus in Europe, which means that its output over current European laws are final prices (customs duties and other taxes are accrued) and delivery easy.

In the forum Zeaplus are held interesting discussions about the new smart watch, and administrators meet willingly to the questions of the participants.

Renewal of the news: The unit of the news will be called Watch, Zeaplus the G3 , but its release was postponed indefinitely. It may be that the widget will be rebranded Chinese model that will be sold under other brands.