ZTE Tania in the Test: Windows Beginners

ZTE provides a favorable entry into world of Windows phone: Tania convinces with a large touchscreen and much perseverance.

ZTE wants 250 euro for his Tania, and for this price it is offered currently in online shops without a contract. With Microsoft operating system there is hardly anything cheaper.

Nokia’s Lumia 610 should be something below 225 euros, but only comes in the next few weeks. Thus, Tania is an interesting candidate for entry into the world of Windows phone.

Display: Large touch screen

That is cheap of course only if you really get something for the money. And this is the case: Tania is a full-fledged Smartphone, offering much display space with 4.3 inch touch screen for Web pages, games apps and the virtual keyboard. The resolution has written to Microsoft for Windows phone, more than 480 x 800 pixel are not in it so.

So you can live but good: the surface is represented in pleasantly large, content appear quite brilliant, the pixel structure is seen only in very closer look. However, the display is not very bright, because the cheaper ZTE Atlas (Test) performs better. What really bothers, especially in bright surroundings: the display reflects strongly.

Processing: Massive housing

Tania will be too clunky small hands, which brings on top of that stately 157 grams – so it is in the weight class of current 4.7-inch smartphones. Elegant is different, which is certainly also because that the Smartphone is the youngest of all no longer. Already in September last year ZTE presented Tania, and in terms of compactness quite has teamed with the top models.

These show, for example, the new HTC devices like the one V (test). For this, the Wuchtbrumme is robust processes. The battery cover with matte soft-touch surface occupies the entire back along with the margins and is bombproof. A somewhat clearer pressure point of the side buttons would have been desirable, in everyday life that has not bothered but us.

Equipment: Low memory

The equipment is located at a good level of the previous year. New features such as an HDMI port or an NFC chip is missing, but it most be able to live. Otherwise, Tania comes with, what to expect from a Smartphone user. What is really weak: not once 2.6 GB offers the ZTE memory, and which is not extensible according to Microsoft guidelines. Large music collections or even movies bring the store quickly to overflow–here, the manufacturer must simply offer more.

The 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and an LED provides usable shots in good light, videos are recorded in HD resolution (720 p). A Qualcomm 1 GHz processor makes the whole thing run, a hit is not, however, reacts quite liquid the Smartphone.

Operation: Windows phone pur

Tania works with the latest Windows phone version 7.5 (mango), which brings a solid basic equipment applications. To edit Office documents, Microsoft Office is installed, that brings practical document templates such as an Excel-based time tracking and a memo with an integrated voice recorder.

What still includes: a map application with directions, the Zune player, with the music you can buy, an FM radio, as well as the marketplace with a full range of applications. A navigation, as they offer the Windows phones by Nokia worldwide free of charge, is missing. But numerous solutions, such NAVIGON (about 80 Euro) can be found in the marketplace.

Laboratory measurement: stamina King

That ZTE Tania in spite of these weaknesses is a good Smartphone, reveal the laboratory measurements. The reception quality is right, the sound is natural and the endurance is a stunner. Around 4:43 hours keeps by Tania with heavy use, in the test that was enough even for two days away by Sockets.

Conclusion: Good start in Windows phone

ZTE Tania is a bit clumsy, but solid Smartphone with decent facilities and very good endurance for the affordable first step into the world of Windows phone.