Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland

Basel-Landschaft is a canton in Switzerland. The official language is in this area of German. Basel-Landschaft is also known as Baselland or Baselbiet.
The canton is a so-called half canton and is located in the northwest of the Swiss Confederation.
Its main town is Liestal. Basel-Landschaft is one of the smallest cantons in the Switzerland, but all the more densely populated. Basel-Landschaft even has the ten largest population of all Swiss cantons.
The canton of Basel-Landschaft was created in 1833 when the Basler Land was divided into two half-cantons, Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

The neighborhood of Basel-Landschaft

Basel-Landschaft borders the Rhine, which is the border with Germany, and the canton of Aargau. The canton of Basel-Stadt also borders on Basel-Landschaft. In the northwest is the border with France. The border with Solothurn extends in the south and with the canton of Jura in the southwest.

Particularly picturesque landscapes

Basel-Landschaft are part of the Basel area. The entire area is known for its picturesque Jura landscapes in the Upper Basel area. The blossoming cherry trees are a popular postcard image. It is therefore not surprising that the area of ​​the canton of Basel-Landschaft is particularly popular for hiking, cycling and excursions. A ride in the gondola is also an attraction.
If you travel to the canton of Basel-Landschaft, you should also take a look at the other tourist attractions, including the Roman city of Augusta Raurica with its amphitheater. You should also visit the Hermitage, Arlesheim. It is an interesting nature park. From the Schleifenberg observation tower in Liestal you have an impressive view.

The history of the canton of Basel-Landschaft

Before the current area of ​​the canton of Basel-Landschaft joined the Swiss Confederation, it was part of the Duchy of Basel, as well as the subject area of ​​the city of Basel. After that it was rearranged by Napoleon.
From 1798 to 1803 there was renewed movement in the distribution of the area. Parts of the duchy of Basel passed to the city of Basel. Other parts were awarded to the Canton of Bern at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The city of Basel was ruled aristocratically for a long time and so there was an uprising in the rural communities. A new canton was formed, which was recognized by the Swiss Confederation’s Diet in 1833. Due to various internal problems and tensions, the constitutions had to be re-imposed over and over again.

The democratic movement followed in 1863 as a result of which democracy was expanded. In the course of history, the canton of Basel-Landschaft has often wanted to reunite with the canton of Basel-Stadt. But all efforts failed. The last attempt at reunification was made in 1969. This time it failed because the voters from Baselland voted no.
In 1994 a referendum decided that Laufental also belongs to the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland

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