Geography of Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a state in Southeast Asia, on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. There are more than 3 thousand islands in total. About 2/3 of the entire territory is covered with tropical rainforests, there are areas of light forests and plains.

The capital of the state is Jakarta.
According to, Bali Island is located at the eastern tip of Java and is separated from it by a narrow strait. Bali is part of a chain of volcanic islands known as the “Ring of Fire” that runs through the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii (USA), the east coast of North America and Japan. The area of ​​the island is 5.6 sq. km. The main city of the island is Denpasar.
Bintan Island, owned by Indonesia, is a 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore.
The main resorts are located on the north coast overlooking the South China Sea.

Tropical, humid. Climatic conditions differ significantly from island to island, but in general, two seasons can be distinguished: from May to September, the weather is quite dry, from October to April, the rainy season (short rains, maximum 1-2 hours, then again the sun). April and October are the most unpredictable months due to the change of monsoons. The average annual water temperature is 24-26*C.

Time difference with Moscow: plus 3-4 hours in summer, plus 4-5 hours in winter for Jakarta/Denpasar.

The official language is Indonesian. Developed from the Malay language. English is widely spoken in business circles and resorts.

In monetary circulation – Indonesian rupees: banknotes in denominations of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 rupees. One US dollar is approximately equal to 7800 rupees. In major banks, hotels, shops, major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Deposit at the hotel. Upon check-in at the hotel, you will be charged a deposit in the amount of approximately 100-300 USD. (depending on the hotel) in cash or freeze this amount on a credit card. This deposit is returned to you upon check-out from the hotel in full, if you did not have expenses for telephone conversations from the hotel, dry cleaning, mini-bar, etc., or the amount is returned minus the listed expenses.

The islands are ecologically clean, there are no harmful industries.

A huge number of national restaurants: Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean. National dishes: chicken with rice and herbs, sea cucumbers, squids, oysters, cold cuts.

Severe punishment in Indonesia is provided for the importation, purchase, sale and use of drugs.


Geographical position: the island is located on the Indonesian archipelago. The westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands, stretching in the Indian Ocean from Java to Timor. The area of ​​the island is 5561 sq.m. The highest point is the active volcano Gurung Agung (3142 m above sea level). The relief is mountainous in the north, terraced in the south.

Climate: tropical humid. The average annual temperature is 28*C. The temperature fluctuates a little, depending on the season, remaining at around 27 – 30 * C. Even in the coldest month of June, it is very warm during the day – 26 – 28 * C. The wet season, which lasts from late November to February, but even during this period the flow of tourists does not decrease, since tropical rain – no longer than 1 hour a day – only refreshes and does not interfere with rest at all.

Capital: Denpasar – 300 thousand people
Language: Indonesian, Balinese, English.
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam.
Time: Plus 5 hours. From the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September – plus 4 hours.
Currency: Indonesian rupiah.
Ecological status: the island is ecologically clean, there are no harmful industries.
Meals: a huge number of national restaurants: Indonesian, Balinese, Chinese, Japanese. National dishes: chicken with rice and herbs, sea cucumbers, squids, oysters, cold cuts.

Resorts Bali

Undoubtedly, the most fashionable and popular resort, which is located on the Bukit Peninsula, south of the airport. Here you will find the best beaches, hotels of all famous hotel chains, private yachts, the unhurried passage of time, genuine chic and respectability, excellent conditions for practicing ocean sports and outdoor activities, and the famous shopping galleries open until late.

A very lively resort town, especially attractive for surfers and active nightlife. Located on the west coast of South Bali, the resort can be considered a relatively inexpensive holiday destination compared to South Bali. Here you will find a noisy evening life, many shops and restaurants for every taste.

It was here that the first tourists began to come at the beginning of the century, and mass tourism began in the 60s. The resort is located 10 km southeast of Denpasar and was once a quiet fishing village. Sanur attracts Europeans with its unique cozy atmosphere of a calm resort town. Beautiful gardens and a promenade along white sandy beaches attract lovers of leisurely resort life. Many restaurants, cozy bars with live music in the evenings, shops and street vendors will entertain you after a day spent on the beach.

Geography of Bali, Indonesia

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