Delaware Tenant-Landlord Law

Federated state of the Eastern USA, 5295 km², 853,476 residents (2006 estimate), 161 inhabitants / km², Dover capital. Borders: Pennsylvania (N), New Jersey (NE), Atlantic ocean (E), Maryland (S, W).

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It was separated from New Jersey by the lower course of the Delaware River and overlooking Delaware Bay. The flat territory occupies the north-eastern sector of the Delmarva peninsula and is characterized, along the coast, by extensive lagoon and marshy formations. Main economic resources are agriculture (potatoes, vegetables, fruit), cattle and poultry farming, fishing and industry, developed in the chemical, canning, tanning, mechanical, textile, shipbuilding and petrochemical sectors and mainly concentrated around Wilmington. Seaside tourism. § Discovered in 1609 by Hudson, the territory which later became the state of Delaware was first disputed between the Dutch and the English, with the participation of the Swedes (New Sweden, 1638). Remained from 1664 to the English, in 1682 the Duke of York granted Delaware to William Penn; from then until 1776, when it organized itself as a state during the war of independence, it remained united with Pennsylvania. He made a valid contribution to the struggle for independence and first ratified the Constitution in 1787; although a slave state, it remained loyal to the Union during the civil war.

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Dover (Delaware)

City ​​(23,500 residents) and capital of the State of Delaware (USA), 60 km S of Wilmington to which it is connected by rail. There is an active agricultural market (sugar, vegetables, fruit) with processing and rubber industries. Airport.

Wilmington (Delaware)

City ​​(71,500 residents) of the State of Delaware (USA), 50 km SW of Philadelphia, 78 m on the right of the Delaware river estuary. It is the main industrial center of the state, with chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, steel and rubber factories; commercial port is active. Airport.

Del. – Del. Agencies, National Fair Housing Advocate

Explore this directory to glean contact information and email addresses of Delaware organizations geared toward the maintenance of fair housing.


Del. – Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code

State consumer protection unit produces a summary of the Del. code governing real property renting. Navigate its index, and link to the office.


Del. – Delaware Rental Housing Information

Info center devoted to Delaware rental law outlines rights and obligations delineated by statute and supplies links to the text. Adds resources.


Del. – Fair Housing Rights, Human Relations Commission

Sector of one Delaware agency delineates the rights of renters, sharing samples of discriminatory practices. Learn about the complaint process.


Del. – Resources for Renters

Tenant Resource Directory supplies a guide for renting individuals with legal concerns. Links to advocacy and official organizations.


Delaware Tenant-Landlord Law

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