Lombok Travel Guide

Stunning beaches, diving opportunities and one of the finest volcanic adventures in Southeast Asia attract travelers to the paradisiacal island of Lombok.

Located right next to Bali, Lombok is even more peaceful for its big brother, providing a great setting for a relaxing beach holiday. While the journey to Lombok may seem long and difficult, the effort is worth seeing.




Bali’s neighbor

The small island of Lombok is located in Indonesia, east of the island of Java near Bali. It is easy to combine a holiday in Lombok and Bali by spending a week in Bali and a week in Lombok, for example.

Above all, Lombok will enjoy the great beaches and sun. Lombok tourism is mainly concentrated in the Senggig area, Kuta Beach and the Gili Islands. The largest city is Mataram, where the airport is also located.

In addition to the beach holiday, Lombok also offers numerous activities for the traveler looking to do things. Activities include diving, snorkelling, hiking, golf and fishing. Especially in the southern part of the island there are excellent beaches for surfing.

For those interested in moving around in the mountains and nature, climbing the volcanic Rinjani mountain offers unforgettable experiences. At the same time, you can admire the stunning scenery of Rinjan National Park.

The tropical climate warms all year round

Lombok has a tropical climate, so the temperature is between +20 and +30 degrees all year round. The air is humid and rains come all year round. The rainy season lasts from about October to March and the driest is in midsummer. The best time to travel is during the dry season, although even then it is good to prepare for rain showers.

Lombok is a fairly safe holiday destination, but normal caution against thieves and scammers is in place. In particular, no items should be left in the car.

The majority of Lombok’s inhabitants are Muslims, which is also worth considering for tourists in their clothing and alcohol consumption.



Via Bali

Lombok is best reached by flying from Bali to Denpasar and continuing from there by flying to Mataram to Lombok. From Bali to Lombok can also be reached by a combination of bus and ferry. There are also direct flights from Singapore to Lombok.

Air fares from Helsinki via a stopover to Denpasar cost from about 1,000 euros upwards. From Denpasar to Mataram you can get very cheaply. However, the schedules of flights within Indonesia should be checked before the trip, as they change frequently.

Renting a vehicle or own feet is the best means of transportation

Lombok’s public transport is concentrated on the main roads, so when moving elsewhere, it’s worth renting a car, motorbike or bemo, or minibus. However, especially during the rainy season, the roads can be in very poor condition.

In tourist destinations such as Senggig and the Gili Islands, walking or renting a bicycle is the most convenient way to get around. In Mataram, navigating is easiest with bemos.

Lombok has a lot of accommodation on the edge, from top hotels to cheap hostels. Most options are in Senggig. During the tourist season from June to September, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance. In general, accommodation in Lombok is affordable.



Sandy beaches and sun on Senggig and the Gili Islands

Senggigi is one of Lombok’s most popular tourist destinations and its fine sandy beaches offer a unique opportunity for a relaxing beach holiday. There are also deserted coves near Senggig where you can take over the whole beach for a while. Senggig also has good opportunities for snorkelling and surfing.

Located on the northwest coast of the island of Lombok, the Gili Islands are another stunning, paradise-like beach destination. The Gili Islands consist of three islands, each with its own character. You can travel between the islands by ferry. All the islands have excellent diving opportunities, and cycling is also a great way to explore the islands.

Gunung Rinjani – an experience for the adventurous

Climbing the Gunung Rinjan Volcano, which rises above 3,700 meters in Gunung Rinjan National Park, takes several days and it is not advisable to go on an excursion for safety reasons without an expert guide. However, the experience is stunning with stunning views.

The mountain can only be climbed outside the rainy season, and since the mountain is still active, the risk of an eruption should be taken into account. Mount Gunung Rinjan and the crater lake Segara Anak on the mountain are sacred places for both Lombok and Balinese.

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