Sunny Beach Travel Guide

At Sunny Beach, a sun holiday is possible even on a small budget. Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is a full-blooded tourist destination and famous for its long sandy beach.

Sunny Beach lives on tourism and for tourism. Sunny Beach, for example, does not have a very large permanent population, but especially during the summer season, the majority of people are tourists from all over Europe. In summer, more English, German, Russian and Finnish than Bulgarian can be heard on the promenade.


Whole blood beach resort

Sunny Beach is located on the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is one of the most famous beach resorts in the country and famous for its long, white sandy beach. Tourism is the main industry here, which is reflected in the scope and supply of services.

The holiday town is suitable for a wide range of travelers. Due to its gentle beach and activities, it is well suited for families with children, and thanks to its lively nightlife, also for those who spend a youthful beach holiday.

In addition to the beach, the most famous attractions in the region are the Aquapark and the neighboring town of Nessebar .

The summer resort is quieter for the winter

Sunny Beach is especially a summer resort, whose beach and services are quiet for the winter.

Average day temperatures above 20 degrees can be enjoyed in Sunny Beach from May to September. On average, the warmest months are July and August, when mercury rises to close to +30 degrees.

In winter the weather is cool. Daytime temperatures drop well below ten degrees in winter and there may be frost at night.

The summer resort is quieter for the winter

Beach and children

Sunny Beach is above all a beach resort. The six-kilometer-long and almost a hundred-meter-wide sandy beach offers both sun and water sports.

Sunny Beach is also well-suited for families with children. Known for its lively evening life in midsummer, the city is a little quieter from the beginning and end of the season, when the noise does not disturb children and holidaymakers who want peace.

In addition to the long and gently deepening beach, families with children can also head to the Action Aquapark near the city center.

Nightlife and restaurants

Sunny Beach offers a youthful nightlife, especially in midsummer. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs and discos, as well as a casino. In terms of price, the place is a really affordable destination. An evening at the restaurant costs only a few euros at best.

Shopping in Sunny Beach is limited. You should go shopping in the city of Varna, for example.

Security in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a fairly safe resort. It is a good idea for tourists to exercise general caution and be especially careful of pickpockets. According to the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, street trafficking, begging, pickpocketing and money exchange are often organized by organized crime, so tourists have reason to be careful.

The tourist is doing well in English. It is good for those who resort to sign language to remember that in Bulgaria, nodding a head means a ban and shaking a head is an admission.

With the hustle and bustle of nightlife and alcohol consumption, it’s worth keeping your sanity involved and remembering that professional pickpockets and tourist scammers move right in places like the party streets of Sunny Beach. A drunken tourist is an easy victim.



The flight only takes three hours

The flight to Bulgaria is short and only takes about three hours. Finland has good flight connections to Bulgaria, especially during the summer season.

Flights to Bulgaria cost around € 200-500. The nearest airport to Sunny Beach is Burgas International Airport. Burgas is about 30 km away.

Sunny Beach is part of the package selection of many travel agencies. The place is also a typical sudden departure destination, where you can find very cheap sudden departures.

Hotels and accommodation

As it is mainly a tourist destination, there are naturally a lot of hotels in Sunny Beach. The choice of hotels is wide: you can find luxury spa hotels and spacious family hotels as well as more modest accommodation.

Many of the hotels are located near the beach or in the center. Accommodation in Bulgaria is relatively affordable. You can get a good or medium level hotel room for about 30-90 euros.

Mobility and public transport

Getting around and around Sunny Beach is advantageous by public transport. You can get around the holiday town, for example, by mini train or affordable taxis.

For longer trips, such as trips to nearby towns, you may want to use the bus. Traveling by bus is cheap in Bulgaria and the route network is comprehensive. From Sunny Beach you can get to Nessebar for about a euro and to Varna for five euros.

There is also a boat taxi between Sunny Beach and Nessebar.



Enjoy the great beach

The fine sandy beach of Sunny Beach is considered one of the finest sandy beaches in Bulgaria. The beach is almost six kilometers long and up to a hundred meters wide strip of soft sand.

In addition to lounging, you can also enjoy water sports on the beach. You can go snorkelling and diving on the beach, for example. Beach volleyball matches are also held on the sand.

The beach deepens gently so it is also suitable as a swimming destination for smaller children.

Action Aquapark

Located along the Sunny Beach Bypass, Action Aquapark is a large water park and one of the most popular places to visit in the area. Action Aquapark is especially popular with families with children, but the wildest equipment and slides are also well suited for adult tastes.

Action Aquapark has numerous pools, water slides and water-themed equipment. In addition, there are several restaurants, food and delicacies, themed areas and shops in the area. The water park also hosts music events.

There is a free shuttle bus to Action Aquapark from Sunny Beach.

More information: Action Aquapark

The neighboring town of Nessebar

Adjacent to Sunny Beach, the town of Nessebar is one of the country’s most famous cultural attractions. The city, which dates back to ancient times, is full of late medieval buildings and cobbled streets.

The old town with its churches was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. Nessebar’s most famous sights are the centuries-old Basilica, located in the city center. Other sites worth mentioning include the Temple of Apollo and the Church of John the Baptist.



The best activities in Sunny Beach

  • Lounging on the beach
  • Excursion to Nessebar
  • A day at Action Aquapark
  • Snorkeling in the Black Sea

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